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January-Febuary 2012

01/11 W
Doug Firebaugh
The 9 Biggest Social Media Recruiting Mistakes—and How to Correct Them

01/18 W
Dale Calvert
Programming Your Mind for Network Marketing Success

01/25 W
Judy O'Higgins,
Karen Palmer, Kristy Lee
You Can Do It! From Procrastination to Productivity
02/01 W
Dianne Collins
QuantumThink®: Making Every Moment Count

02/08 W
Julie Ann Jones
Organizational Systems for Your Direct Sales Business
02/15 W
Bob Burg
Influence and Success: The Go-Giver Way
02/22 W
DeeAnn Lensen
Beauty Camp for Women: Empowered from the Inside Out
02/29 W
Carlos Marin
Proven Principles for Building a Solid Six-Figure Income in Network Marketing

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Sample Course Descriptions of Upcoming Webinars:

DOUG FIREBAUGH: The 9 Biggest Social Media Recruiting Mistakes —and How to Correct Them (Wednesday, Jan. 11)
Today, the landscape of network marketing has dramatically changed. Social media has transformed it to the very core—especially when it comes to prospecting and recruiting. This webinar will help you understand the power of social media prospecting and recruiting as well learn the nine biggest mistakes you can make and how to fix them.

JUDY O'HIGGINS, KAREN PALMER, KRISTY LEE: You Can Do It! From Procrastination to Productivity (Wednesday, Jan. 25)
Presented by three women experts, this webinar focuses on the challenges most women face when new to network marketing or striving to be more successful. Judy O'Higgins addresses the unique internal messages women tend to carry inside that can sabotage their success and how to overcome them. Kristi Lee teaches how to talk to a prospect in a natural, easy-flowing way. Karen Palmer covers creative ways for moms and working women to fit their business activities into their busy schedules.

DIANNE COLLINS: QuantumThink®: Making Every Moment Count (Wednesday, Feb. 1)
Many networkers struggle with how to be productive at all times while not just being busy or feeling frazzled. The solution lies in understanding that how we do one thing influences everything else we do. Since every part of life is interconnected, the key is being fully present in everything we do. Being in this state of peace and power is what attracts others—and business—to us. This webinar teaches the fundamentals of the QuantumThink system based on cutting-edge scientific discoveries and ancient spiritual traditions.

BOB BURG: Influence and Success: The Go-Giver Way (Wednesday, Feb. 15)
Shifting your focus from getting to giving, in this case meaning constantly and consistently providing value to people's lives, is not only a nice way to live life...but a very financially profitable way, as well. Learn from Bob Burg how to accelerate your ability to authentically connect with new people and build the trust that is essential in life and business! You will learn the philosophy embraced by so many of today's top producers and leaders.

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