A few years ago on a cold, snowy Colorado day, my wife Marian and I were enjoying some after-dinner conversation with our son and friends all cozy and warm in front of the fireplace. Marian asked, "What would we be doing today if we knew we had only a short time to live?" Almost all of us talked about organizing our affairs so that those left behind would be taken care of. Some of us talked about a bigger legacy we'd like to leave the world. Our son then offered the question, "What if you knew that everyone was going to die all at once and there would be no one left behind? Then what would you do with the rest of your life?"

Well, that changed the conversation! We had never considered the notion of all of us passing

together, sort of an "end of the world" scenario. What would be our legacy then? After some conversation, it seemed to me that each of us has the opportunity to create our lives in a way that serves a greater purpose. While our time here is limited and our purpose may not be something we fully recognize, each of us has the ability to choose how we show up in each moment of every day. I realized that with every choice I make, I influence the direction of my life—and the lives of others.

In our chosen profession we meet other networkers with different beliefs, values, religions, and

ideals. Regardless, I believe we share a common purpose: to be true to that which is our personal ideal. For me, living a life of integrity and love has emerged as my life's purpose.

My legacy is to be true to myself, to live my purpose as best I can, and to make choices that demonstrate my integrity in relationship to that purpose. If we all go at once, I can know that my life was well lived. If we don't, then I will have been a role model for anyone whose path I crossed, and I will have left an inheritable network marketing cash flow stream for my children! In either case, I have left my mark in every interaction so that, in essence, my legacy precedes my departure. Why wait to start leaving your legacy?

What about you? Start building a legacy today by living your purpose. With each unfolding moment, become the person you want to become.

Remember: education changes everything!

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University