The Gift of Gratitude
Josephine Gross, Ph.D.
Parents want to know that their children will be equipped to handle whatever life hands them. One of the greatest and least mentioned benefits network marketing offers is how it teaches our children leadership and success principles they would never be exposed to through traditional education. Yet the ultimate gift we can model and teach them is an attitude of gratitude, for no future gift or achievement will ever fulfill us unless we feel grateful for the blessings we currently have.

Adjust Your Attitude
Orrin Woodward
Inside a person's head are two voices. One voice sees the world through a positive perspective and speaks all the good about each situation. The other voice sees the world from a negative perspective and speaks all the bad about each situation. One cannot eliminate either voice entirely, but one can learn to turn them up or down. Winners consistently turn up the positive voice and turn down the negative voice, leading to a healthy, positive attitude. Others do the opposite, turning up the negative voice and turning down the positive voice. Not surprisingly, these people struggle with their attitudes.

How to Say No Gracefully
Carl Van
Tip #1: "I'm sorry" doesn't have to mean you feel regretful. A little empathy can go a long way. Tip #2: Repeat back to the other person their point of view; that will allow them to listen to yours. Tip #3: You don't have to prove to someone that the situation is their fault, and neither do you have to take the blame yourself. Tip #4: Show the other person you wish it could be different. Tip #5: Help solve the problem in another way, if possible. Even if alternatives aren't the answer, the fact that you offered them shows that you care. Tip #6: Avoid the word "but" when empathizing. When you say, "I understand, but..." what the other person hears is, "I don't understand."

Put More Money in Your Pocket
Scott Burnett, Esq.
All network marketers, whether full-time or part-time, can benefit from forming a corporation or an LLC. There are two reasons why; one has to do with lowering your taxes, the other, with growing your business. As a business owner, your goal is to have the money that comes in taxed at the lowest rate allowed by law. If you are doing this business as a sole proprietor, you are going to pay more taxes than if you operate it as a corporation or an LLC. You also want your business to grow independently of you, so that it is considered a separate legal person in the eyes of the law. As a corporation or an LLC, it can develop its own financial identity, for example, establishing credit for itself independent of the owner. This means your business has the ability to have unlimited growth potential.

What's Special About You?
Rosie Bank
Everybody in network marketing will experience no-shows, flaky people, and attrition in their organizations. If you want to be successful, you must make your story less about these problems and more about what you are creating. Each of us is special and unique. Everybody brings strengths and challenges to the table. It doesn't serve you to identify those areas that need improvement as what makes you special. Instead, learn to improve your "lesser strengths" to expedite your pathway to success. Work on self-improvement while maintaining a positive mindset. The people you most admire have gone through this same process. If you want a bigger organization, more money, and the recognition that comes with a higher leadership level, capitalizing on your gifts and working on yourself are the ticket.

The Spirit of Bigger on the Inside
John David Mann
My wife, Ana Gabriel Mann, likes to point out that each of us has a little boy or little girl inside, alive and well. For some, that little person seems buried deep; for others, he or she seems quite present and close to the surface. Perhaps the greatest gift we can give others is to notice the part of them that is bigger on the inside, and not simply interact with the outside.