"Mom, can you take me to Hannah's house?"

"Mom, can we go see that new chick flick?"

"Mom, can you help me with this really hard Algebra II problem?"

"Mom, do you want to hear this new song I wrote?"

Yes, yes, yes, yes! That was the word I constantly heard growing up. Whenever I needed her, my mom was always up the staircase and by my side.

When I was eight years old, I would get a marker and piece of paper and write in big letters any question I needed answered while she was on the phone. Whether it was "Are you almost done?" or "Can I go to so-and-so's house?" she always answered.

When I was new to Lake Arrowhead, California, and was just starting at my new elementary school, I discovered that some of my new friends at school lived on the same street I did. We wanted to arrange plans to play right after school, but they were telling me they'd have to wait a little while until their parents picked them up from day care because they worked late after school. This was news to me; I'd grown up in a household where I almost always had two parents at home (except for three days and two nights a week, when my dad was flying with American Airlines). I never spent even a single day in day care. If you ask my mom why, she'll tell you that she wanted to be the one raising her kids, not somebody else.

My mom always had us listening to different motivational CDs in the car, and even at home on the stereo. Recently, we were driving to a training event, listening to Go For No. It talked about all the ways to view the word no in a different way from the usual negative light, and not to let the word deviate you from your goals. My mom has always explained to me that feeding my mind with positive thinking information could really help me as I pursue all my dreams, which include being a musician and major recording artist. Lots of people tell me to be careful, it's a dog-eat-dog world. But I listen to my mom, who says, "Find something you love to do, and you'll never work a day in your life. Follow your dreams!"

She has always been there to encourage and support me 100 percent. I know she does believe in me, just like she believes in herself and her goals. And it has been such a bonus for me to be there at her company events and meet such amazing people.

I'm so happy that I have a mom who wanted to be home with my brother and me, and yet still pursue her own dreams and passions. She was always there to take us to school, during school trips and events, after school, at sports and activities, and whenever I needed someone to listen.

Thank you, network marketing, for offering something that has supported my whole family so well, and has the ability to provide what anyone is looking for. As is often said, "Follow your dreams and you will reach the top!"

LEXI ULMER, 16, is a singer/songwriter
and actress. She believes in the power of her
dreams and sets her goals high to achieve exactly
what she wants. She is grateful to have grown up
in a network marketing household, where she was
"forced to endure" hundreds of hours of motivational
and positive mindset training. She is now seeing
the rewards of that!