Network marketing, network marketing, network marketing. Those two words ring in my head every day, and with every passing day, I'm more optimistic.

I grew up in an environment of network marketers, and it has really opened up my point of view to many things. From this experience, I've learned many critical skills, such as managing my finances, time, and friends properly. With the examples my parents showed me in their daily lifestyle, I have learned to be more sociable.

Early on, I was really, really shy. I could not speak to a group of more than twenty people, so standing in front of my class and presenting my work was tough. My classroom looked to me like a football field, and hearing my classmates whisper in the midst of my presentation only made me feel worse.

Nevertheless, I have outgrown that fear. Going to my parents' seminars and seeing how they work and present themselves on stage so confidently imprinted confidence onto my personality.

Early this year, I was given a chance by my English teacher to host as emcee for my school's forty-ninth speech and prize presentation ceremony. This was a big deal for me, as it was my last year in this school. I wanted to leave a mark before I left, and this was definitely the perfect opportunity to do that. My parents and teachers believed in me and trained me to present myself on a stage with about 250 pairs of eyes staring and observing my every move.

These achievements were not attained easily. To be honest, there were times when I was embarrassed about what my parents were doing. Every time I asked for extra cash to purchase a present for my friend's birthday, my mom would say, "No, give your friend our product, it will be the best gift..." I did not see eye to eye with her on that—until a few years ago, when I came to my senses and began to realize that what my parents were doing brings value to the market place and lots of income to the family!

My parents have played a big part in making me want to partner with them in doing the business.

JESSICA TAYE, 18, is from Bangkok, Thailand,
and has lived in Singapore for the past eleven years
while pursuing her education. By the end of this year
she will be completing her eleventh grade and is
looking forward to furthering her studies in
Australia. She is also looking forward to beginning
her journey in network marketing on a part-time basis.