Growing up, I was always amazed when I would ask a fellow classmate what their parents did for a living and they responded with, "I don't know." For me, what my family did for a living was not just a 9-to-5 experience, where I had no involvement. It was truly a family business.

I took as much pride and ownership in my family's work as they did. I know all the intricacies of what their goals were, who their team was, and the philosophies they believed in.

My dad, Jeff Olson, always told me, "Don't let school get in the way of your education." I never quite fully understood what this meant until I was older and realized all the experiences my classmates had missed by learning only from the classroom. They don't teach you success philosophies in school, or teach you how to reach outside your comfort zone, or instill in you the belief that there is no such thing as failure.

I remember taking avid notes from a Jim Rohn speech when I was ten years old, knowing this was the first time I had heard teachings like this and that I better get it down on paper. I still have those notes today and it is amazing to look back at them. These simple ideas that resonated in me at ten years of age ended up being the philosophies that helped shaped my life.

I would not have been on the front row of that speech, or of many other speeches, if my parents had a "regular" job. Network marketing allowed them to include me in every aspect of their business.

Watching my parents control their own destiny and lead their team to success instilled in me an entrepreneurial spirit that will never cease.
Being involved in their careers instilled in me a business sixth sense that leads me to be confident in any endeavor, no matter whether I have any experience in it or not. I rely on a gut instinct in many business decisions today that I know is there because I was immersed into my parent's business life at a very early age. I will always be grateful that the extent of what I knew about my parent's profession extended beyond a title and a vague idea—it was my life.

Recently my family has been able to realize a dream together by launching a new international team. I look forward to creating an opportunity for many more families to have a successful network marketing business, where their kids get to experience the same knowledge and blessings I did by growing up in this business.

AMBER OLSON graduated Cum Laude from
the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in
Business. Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her down
various avenues, including owning and managing a
medical spa in Southlake, Texas, and serving as brand
manager of the bestselling book,
The Slight Edge. She
has recently joined forces with her family to launch a
breakthrough skincare brand, for which she is cofounder
and director of marketing and culture.