I have learned more about life through network marketing than anywhere else. It has taught me that our purpose in life is to reach happiness. However, I have also found that a lot of people have difficulty defining what happiness really is.

Some say happiness is being rich; some say it is being healthy. From the guidance of A-Team International, the team founded by my father, I have learned that there are a lot of aspects that make up happiness, but in general, we could consider happiness as freedom.

To reach this, we need the right knowledge and capabilities. The great thing about network marketing is that, with the right guidance and persistence, anyone can reach this state of happiness, as long as they're willing to go through the process.

The downside of network marketing, for me, is that too many people join this business without having any compelling reason why they joined. As a result, they are excited at first, but as they go through the process, they give up along the way.

Another downside is that a lot of people don't understand fully how network marketing works. Instead of focusing on building the network and achieving duplication, and therefore passive income, they become too focused on just selling product, which feeds into the process of attrition: they get tired of selling, with no duplication happening.

One other downside is that, because network marketing is such an excellent and fast-growing business model, there are a lot of "mosquito" companies out there whose main purpose is to scam and cheat people.

Because of these factors, a lot of people misperceive network marketing as something bad. People who understand the beauty of network marketing, on the other hand, will tell you that it is the best business in the twenty-first century!

I feel blessed that I found the right company and met the people who have guided me right from the start, especially my father, Hendra Nilam, and my mentor Mr. Ferdinand Tolentino.

I also feel blessed to have The V Team, that provides all the support I need, especially with the guidance of our visionary Dato' Dr. Vijay Eswaran (featured in the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Networking Times).

In our team, we teach that happiness or success is not about money only. To be successful in this business, we also have to care about others. This automatically means I give a lot more care to my friends, which is probably why so many have joined me in this business.

When I was in high school, my parents used to pick me up at school in some luxurious car, and my dad would always be wearing his sunglasses. My friends would ask me, "What does your dad do? How come it looks like he never works, but he has all this money? Is he part of the Mafia?"

I would laugh and tell them, "If you really want to know, please come to my house and I'll show you!" and we would show them the business plan and get lots of sign-ups from it.

I am proud of my parents' profession.

Born in Indonesia, BIONDI NILAM lives in
Melbourne, Australia with his family. He recently
graduated from the University of Adelaide with a
Bachelor's degree in Commerce and Finance. He has
been actively helping in his parents' network marketing
business since 2000.