Growing up in a network marketing household was an adventure. I got to witness my mother build an empire from the bottom up.

It was great to have mom at home and to be able to watch her work. It definitely felt like a family business. Some days our kitchen would turn into a newsletter assembly line, and all the kids would be put to work. When my mom would host big events, it was always my job to manage all the youth activities.

Since she got to create her own schedule, she was always able to support my siblings and me at our sporting events, and got to be a big part of our lives. I think my friends often didn't believe that my mom really worked, because they saw her around so much!

Some of my best memories are of travel, when we would take trips my mom would earn from her company. Places we had the chance to experience included Hawaii, London, Mexico, the Bahamas, several cruises, and recently I got the trip of a lifetime traveling to Paris and Nice, VIP style, with my mom and a small group from her company. I definitely got the travel bug, and it has shaped my life to this day.

From a young age I learned that my siblings and I were really ambassadors to my mom's business.

Watching my mom create her own schedule and make time for things she wanted to do was inspiring to me. I never saw what a 9-to-5 job was like. I never saw myself sitting at a desk, working for someone else. I never knew what that meant.

I was always encouraged to follow my dreams. I didn't know if network marketing was something for me, but I saw the flexibility in it. When I was studying to become a holistic health practitioner, I signed up to do the business with my mom.

Although network marketing isn't my primary career path, having the income has allowed me to follow one of my biggest dreams and move to Jamaica to open a bed & breakfast. I don't know if I would have had the courage or desire to take that step if I hadn't watched my mom grow her own business. Although the context is different, I have still created a life where I work from home and get to be present with my son and watch him grow.

This year we are taking it one step further, and I will be homeschooling him. The dedication, belief, courage, and strength that my network marketer mother has exemplified will always influence me, and I couldn't be more grateful for this life!

NICOLE LARSON and her four siblings grew up in the network
marketing home of Donna Johnson. She currently resides in
Negril, Jamaica, where she opened a bed & breakfast,
Banana's Garden. Nicole homeschools her son, Jonah, and has
created an income stream with network marketing.