One of the biggest benefits of having a home-based business is that your children have an opportunity to watch what it takes to be an entrepreneur. When they grow up and apply what they have observed, they quickly learn there is a big difference between watching the work and doing the work.

Success in our business requires gumption. That's an inside job. What our children observe is our ability to initiate action. Initiation: the act or instance of causing a process to begin. Initiating a conversation or making a friendly overture. Getting starting. Diving in.

The other day I observed myself putting off making a call to an old friend I hadn't seen or spoken with since 1966. "Well," I thought, "if I'm having this internal struggle about initiating this call, imagine how hard it can feel to new network marketers who must pick up the phone to invite people to take a look at their opportunity!"

I've been in this profession since 1995, and before that, I initiated many businesses and professional organizations. I can make calls! Yet making this call stirred a new level of anxiety in me. I felt renewed compassion for our fledgling networkers.

Once I had done my homework and found the phone number on the Internet, I forced myself to take a deep breath and make the call. My friend answered the phone, remembered me immediately, and we had a great connection.

I wish this kind of positive response for all you initiators out there!

Has the act of initiating been difficult for you? Do you see this as something to recognize and overcome? Moving anything from a position of stillness to one of movement takes effort. When we invite someone to join us in our business, we are engaging in the act of initiation. We are asking them to initiate something new in their life, to engage in a new activity, to create a new pattern. But if we do it with them, cheering them on, that makes it easier.

As network marketing leaders, we are asking others to become initiators with us. As parents, we are often asking our children the same thing. In this issue we are looking at how our kids have fared as a result. How is your role as initiator affecting your children and your team?

Remember, education changes everything!

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University