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John David Mann
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John David Mann

Randy Gage.
NT Interview:
Randy Gage

Jean-Philippe Hulin
Master Networker:
Jean-Philippe Hulin

Rhonda and Tony Lucero
Master Networker:
Rhonda and Tony Lucero

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Networking Times’s former editor-in-chief, John David Mann, is a quintessential serial entrepreneur. He forged a successful musical career, with compositions performed throughout the world. He founded a journal on nutrition and the environment, years ahead of the trend. His endless hours invested created writing mastery, leading to senior editor positions at Upline, Network Marketing Lifestyles, and finally Networking Times. If this weren’t impressive enough, John also built a multimillion-dollar network marketing organization that topped 100,000 people. In this interview, he reveals how he became a self-taught writer and award-winning author.

Communicate to Win
Few people in the universe of network marketing wield words with more authority and sheer virtuosity than networking coach and prosperity guru Randy Gage. One intriguing facet of Gage’s success is that he is equally accomplished in both the spoken and written word. A master raconteur who is famous for his verbal fearlessness (the subscription link to his e-letter warns: “Be prepared for adult language, straight talk, and brutal honesty”), he is one of the most prolific and influential trainers and commentators in the business. Randy believes a blog can change the world and a speech can change a life.

The Belgian Prince of Network Marketing
Jean-Philippe Hulin is a highly accomplished network marketing leader and trainer in the tiny kingdom of Belgium. Despite spanning a geographical area smaller than New Jersey, his team generates consistent monthly sales of more than two million Euros. Growing up in a blue-collar family during a depressed economy, “JeanPhi” hardly seemed destined for financial prosperity. At the age of 26, he already was deeply in debt. However, everything changed when he joined his current company and discovered the world of personal and professional development. JeanPhi credits Jim Rohn and Tom “Big Al” Schreiter with his tremendous growth in every area of life.

Master Your Mojo
Rhonda and Tony Lucero are top earners in one of the fastest-growing network marketing companies in North America. Based in Nebraska, they are raising their three children with a love for the outdoors. Tony is also a professional comedy stage hypnotist who uses laughter and the power of suggestion not only on the stage but also to move his team members into action and free them of limiting beliefs. People who meet the Luceros often wonder why they are always smiling and bursting with energy. One secret to their quick ascent to the top, they say, is that they have always made sure to have fun and keep their eyes on the prize.

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