Our job as network marketers is to paint pictures of hope and freedom by telling people about a product, a service, or a business idea.

If it's true that the artists who make the most money are the ones who paint the best pictures, then it's fair to say the same for network marketers. If you want to make money in our profession, communication is the single most important skill to master.

The three legs of the communication stool are speaking, writing, and body language or posture, which comes as a result of our belief. Let's talk about the writing leg of that three-legged stool.

When I went to high school in the early eighties, I never saw the need to take a typing class. The girls took typing while the guys took woodshop. What need would we ever have for typing other than a term paper—and that's what mom was for!

Flash forward thirty years. Where would any of us be today without the ability to type and write? In this information age, most of us communicate more by writing than by speaking. Between email, texting, Facebook updates, and other digital forms of communication, our personal and professional lives are dramatically enhanced when we master the art of writing.

Charles Osgood wrote, "Compared to the spoken word, a picture is a pitiful thing indeed." Yet doesn't the written word often precede the spoken word? And note that Osgood didn't actually speak his aphorism: he wrote it.

How important is your writing ability to your success in building relationships? I don't believe everyone needs to write a book, but isn't it important to communicate with your organization via the written word? Wouldn't it benefit you to write Facebook posts that make you appear interesting? When conversing through email with prospects, wouldn't it serve you to make an intelligent first impression, rather than slam together three sentences with misspellings and bad grammar?

How do you become a better writer? Read.

My mother used to encourage me to read, read, read. I never followed that advice until I joined network marketing in 1998, and I have since read everything I could get my hands on. I partly owe who I've become to authors such as John Fogg, Richard Brooke, Og Mandino, Stephen Covey, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, Jordan Adler, and countless others. I'm grateful that those guys felt compelled to leave their wisdom on paper.

Over the years I have collected magical quotes that continue to fulfill and inspire me. Right there on my desk is one of my favorites—in a frame. It says, "Daddy, I love you vary much. Love, your littl bare. Your Cassidy." She's five. Ahh, the written word.

TOMMY WYATT has been a full-time network marketer for thirteen years. He and his business partner Curtis Lewsey are top producers and trainers with their current company, and coauthored the national bestselling book and audio, Appreciation Marketing: How to Achieve Greatness through Gratitude. Tommy lives in Connecticut with his wife and two young daughters.