Writing. Think for just a moment about all the ways that it touches your business, and it will quickly become apparent that writing is a skill you would do well to master.

In my previous career as a financial analyst, my boss saw more in me than I saw in myself. He saw me as a writer. Over the next ten years I ghostwrote a nationally syndicated finance column and authored a how-to book on United States Treasury securities.

My story shows that in order to become a writer, you have to jump in. In my case, I didn't have a choice: it was sink or swim.

In today's information age, if you are not writing, you're sinking. If we are to be irresistible professionals, we must be informed.

When you read or listen to information, it either resonates with you or it doesn't. It may also jog your creativity for new ideas. This is the time to put your fingers on the keyboard and voice your opinion, comment on the information, and articulate fresh insights.

Recently at church during Bible study I took notes that will turn into an article, a blog post, and perhaps some tweets and Facebook posts.

When I listen to the monthly Success magazine CD, I always come away with content for two or three pieces. When I read Networking Times, I get great leadership tips to share in a variety of ways: blogging, team newsletters, and my Secret Edge Tip of the Day.

How will this help my network marketing career? Writing establishes you as an expert! Being an expert is what distinguishes you from the thousands of other associates in your company and our profession.

Here are three tips to get you started:

  1. Just start. Do it often. You will get better—I promise.

  2. Become a student. Look at copy that sells—scan the headlines. Realize that we write to influence others.

  3. Implement the Hour of Power: allocate fifteen minutes each day for a) reading; b) listening to positive information; c) writing (what are you grateful for, what have you learned, who have you helped, what were you challenged by, and what are you looking forward to); and d) preparing for tomorrow.

One of the benefits of making writing a habit is that you will soon have enough material to create a product that can be sold online for additional passive income. This happened for me, as I recently launched HowtoBeIrresistibleNow.com

Don't worry that writing will become a full-time job. You can write one article and repurpose it many ways—in article directories, as a blog post, podcast, tweet, Facebook note, on YouTube, in your newsletter or e-book.

Allocate half an hour each day to writing and soon the words will flow, allowing you to become an irresistible expert in your business.

DEBBIE WYSOCKI specializes in empowering women to create lives they love through her marketing company Women with Dreams, which provides online and offline coaching for network marketing professionals. A mother of two, Debbie is a bestselling author, marketing and branding expert, and a top producer in her network marketing company.