Once Upon a Time
Josephine Gross, Ph.D.
When we were growing up, writing was something our parents might have dissuaded us from by telling us it wasn't something most people could make money at. Times have changed. In our knowledge-based economy, those who avoid or struggle with writing are limited in the ways they can participate.

Which Prospecting Method Works Best?
Art Jonak
When distributors say they can't sponsor, they tend to blame the mechanism they are using. Instead of arguing and proving that all prospecting methods work, try changing the distributor's point of view by instilling some personal responsibility for their results. Encourage them to learn from leaders who are successfully using the very prospecting method that appeared not to be working.

Create a Mastermind
Joelle Jay
A mastermind is a small group of dedicated peers who share and support each other through the challenges of life and leadership. It provides a mutually beneficial source of inspiration, information, and collaboration for all its members. Many leaders thrive with the support of their masterminds. They discuss business results, leadership challenges, goals and visions, individual and organizational strategy, and more. Creating a mastermind is easy if you follow the six steps in this article.

The Power of Story
Dr. David Krueger
Humans are hard-wired to convert our experiences into stories and we become the stories we tell about ourselves. State-of-the-art neuro-imaging and cognitive neuropsychology have demonstrated how we create our "selves" through narrative. The importance of knowing our story is to transform it by learning from it. We become wiser for it, and more adaptive. Rather than repeat the old story, we can recognize, own, and assess it in order to decide what to change.

Eliminate the Fear of Public Speaking
Morty Lefkoe
What causes two out of three adults to recoil in terror when told they will have to address a group of people? Do you want to become one of those select few who seem to be at ease in front of a large crowd, who seem to be at their peak when giving a presentation? You can overcome your fear of public speaking by identifying the beliefs that caused it, finding out when the beliefs were formed, changing how you interpret them, and recognizing that they are not verified in the real world.

Offer Your Book as a Business Card
Brent Sampson
For just a little more effort than you expend designing and producing a business card, you can compile your information and publish a handbook about your business. With the advances in print-on-demand technology, you can then control the quantity and availability of the book to meet your specific needs. A book doesn't replace your business cards entirely. Rather, it becomes a supplement to your branding and promotion efforts.

The KFC Recipe for Success
Danita Johnson Hughes
We live in a microwave society where most expect to get what they want instantly, or at least in less than a minute. We trick ourselves into believing that fame and success can be achieved overnight, if we'll only work harder, longer, and faster. We've adopted an all-or-nothing attitude that says we must either succeed or fail, with no in between. But there is a period in between success and failure that, for some, lasts for years. The most striking part of "Colonel" Sanders's story is how long his in-between lasted.

How to Engage Your Followers
David Siteman Garland
Some people just know how to engage their social networks. It seems that no matter what they post, their readers and followers respond and interact with them as a result. What are these top 1 percent of online citizens doing that the other 99 percent seem to be missing? More importantly, how can you leverage those same principles to become an influential leader in your niche?

The Power of a Letter
Marian Head
Years ago, I seeded my successful network marketing business with one New Year's letter. One annual letter about my life to 150 friends and colleagues set me on my path to freedom. With all the electronic messages you see daily, a personal letter that shares your gratitude or your challenges—and your business—might just be your ticket to freedom.