John D. Mann/Mia Inderbitzin

Deep in a previously undiscovered corridor of the Lascaux Caves, site of the earliest known
prehistoric cave paintings, researchers make a startling discovery.

Word Find
The answers to the clues may be found horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards and backwords.

Paper to write letters on.
Part of a poem.
A part of a word.
Ancient writing tool.
Pen and ___.
"Ain't" is not good ______.
Cyber letter.
Another word for edit.
Author of "Big Al Report."
Was a senior editor to four network marketing magazines.
One of John David Mann's favorite authors.
Rewriting, writing.
Successful network marketer known as a prosperity guru.
"That is an excellent ______!" (thought)
Web site where people record opinions or information daily.
Author of Networking Times Travel Report.
A writing machine used before the computer.
Author of "Rich Dad" series.
The people in your MLM company who should guide you.
Author of quote:
"The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas."
"The ___ of MLM"
Number of Networking Times issues in one year.
"Why You're ____,____, and _____..."
One reason many choose network marketing. (2 words)
Book filled with word meanings.
Microsoft writing software.
Opposite of upline.
Person who has written a book.
Found in all libraries.
Author of a French prospecting book.
Randy Gage's pet-peeve with emails.
Marian and Glenn.
One of the authors of "It's Not About You."
One of Tony Lucero's favorite authors.
Another favorite author of Tony Lucero.
Stephen King's book about writing.

Puzzle Answers