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which prospecting method works best? When your distributors say they can't sponsor, don't allow them to blame the method. They will want to say:

"Advertising doesn't work."

"Direct mail doesn't work."

"Internet marketing doesn't work."

"Cold calls don't work."

"Opportunity meetings don't work."

"Person-to-person meetings don't work."

"In-home meetings don't work."

"Postcards don't work."

"Passing out business cards doesn't work."

Ever hear these statements from discouraged distributors? Instead of arguing and proving that each of these methods does work, try changing the distributor's point of view. Try instilling some personal responsibility for their results.

Of course, we know that

advertising works. If not, who is paying for all those television commercials?

We know direct mail works. If not, who is paying for all that junk mail in our mailboxes?

We know Internet marketing works. The Internet is growing, online advertising is booming, and hundreds of millions of people are using the Internet daily.

We've all heard stories about how some leaders were sponsored by a cold call, an opportunity meeting, or as a result of a person-to-person presentation. All these methods work!

So let's help our distributors turn their statements around. The truth is:

Advertising works. Yet my advertising didn't work. Perhaps I should learn how to make my advertising work better.

Direct mail works. But my direct mail didn't work. I could read a book or consult with a professional about how to make my direct mail work.

Internet marketing works. My Internet marketing didn't work. Who could teach me how to make it work better?

Cold calls work. My cold calls didn't work. Can I get someone to show me how to make cold calls work for me?

Opportunity meetings work. My opportunity meetings didn't work. How can I learn to give better meetings? How can I invite more guests and increase attendance?

Person-to-person meetings work. My personal presentations didn't work. Yet some leaders use this method exclusively. Could I go to one of these leaders to observe how to make person-to-person presentations work?

Never blame the method of sponsoring. All methods work. Simply learn to use that method more successfully. And if you don't want to invest the time and money to learn how to make that method successful for you, choose a different method.

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Top leaders from three different continents toasting to lifelong friendship and a commitment to elevating the network marketing profession. Ann Schreiter, Art Jonak, Donna Imson, Ørjan Sæle, Hilde Sæle and Donna Johnson.
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