The most valuable currency on the Internet is not gold, silver, or the dollar, but rather content and the conversations it generates.

When I first started out in Internet marketing, I had no money and no experience in the field. The only thing I had was an unrefined ability to write. Having already been in network marketing for several years had given me lots of ideas to write about, so I became a ghostwriter for established marketers, and this provided a jumpstart for my own online marketing business.

My first writing experience was not without its challenges. Growing up, I typically performed so poorly on my written assignments that my teachers swore I would never make it in any job that required that I write. How ironic that writing would become my biggest source of passive income!

Overcoming the obstacles in learning how to write may seem a daunting task, but it's easier than you might think because the obstacles are mostly in the mind. Just as with skydiving, anticipating the jump is often scarier than the actual jump itself.

In order to write, you must dive straight in. When you possess a reasonable command of the English language, you can easily overcome writer's block and a lack of knowledge on a topic by learning from others.

Once you know your topic, start by listing your ideas as bullet points. This helps to increase your clarity and keep thoughts from bouncing around like basketballs.

Don't worry about grammar or sentence structure at first. Once your ideas are laid out, it becomes easy to organize them and get a picture of what the article will look like.

There are many ways you can improve your writing. One way is by carefully reading books, Wikipedia articles, popular blogs, and press releases. Studying the style of others will help you shape your own writing style.

Studying how other successful network marketers write is a shortcut I highly recommend. You can also use swipe files, a collection of tested and proven advertising and marketing copy that you can cut and paste into your own marketing materials, thus saving you a lot of time.

Eventually, I started repurposing my content for blogging, copywriting, and press release publishing as well as viral marketing. This helped me expand my business greatly because the effect of writing content on the Internet is residual. Google's search engines pick up valuable content, and ranking for the relevant terms will allow your content to be read by hundreds or even thousands of readers, which will give you tons of fresh leads for your business.

Content on the Internet is more valuable than gold because the value of well-written content appreciates over time. It is the strongest social currency of the twenty-first century—and one network marketers everywhere are cashing in on as you read these words!

KHAI NG runs InspirationDNA, a private label rights company based in Malaysia, providing home business owners and network marketers from all over the world with volumes of useful content for e-books, articles, audio recordings and videos, thus saving them thousands of dollars and countless hours in creating marketing materials for their businesses.