Based on my son's telephone bill, Gen Y is doing a heck of a lot more texting than talking—he sends 5,000 to 10,000 texts a month. Thousands of people deepen their friendships every day, not through conversation but by writing on each other's Facebook walls. Has writing become our preferred way to communicate?

How's your writing?

Network marketing leaders write:

If you're new to using social media to communicate, be sure to check out Doug Firebaugh's social media series in Networking University's e-learning curriculum.

Everyone knows one of the best ways to improve your writing is to read. But with nearly 300,000 books published in the United States alone last year, which books should we read? Good thing we have Networking Times! For the best of the best, you can always count on our editors to "feed your head." Don't miss the Faculty Reviews and full-page book reviews in every issue.

With print-on-demand we all have the capacity to publish that message inside of us that is calling out to be shared. In addition to writing our own books, my wife Marian and I enjoyed contributing a chapter to faculty member Joe Rubino's Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing, called "Vital Signs of a Healthy Business."

Are you ready to share your own experiences and insights as a professional network marketer? Writing is a skill you can learn. Would you like to see more courses at Networking University to teach you how you can improve your writing? Shoot me an email at

Isn't it great to know that we can learn whatever we need to be successful? And if you don't want to learn how to write, you can always hire a good editor (or marry one, like I did).

We recently received a call from a Networking Times subscriber who wanted to purchase a gift subscription for her brother who is serving time in prison. Out of all the publications he could have requested, he chose ours. We actually mail quite a few subscriptions to correctional facilities. Communication to and from prisoners is limited and many read our articles hopefully preparing for a new profession after they have met their obligations. Through our writings we are changing lives, because education changes everything.

See you in class!

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University