"Failing to plan is planning to fail," said Winston Churchill seventy years ago. Today, this maxim still rings true with respect to creating multiple streams of income. Happily, there are some wonderful business plan software programs readily available to increase your chances for success when considering launching a new business.

If you are a beginning network marketer, we are not suggesting you jump into this kind of rigorous effort right away. However, once you have reached your goal of earning a steady income stream from your network marketing business, it could well be time to learn how to structure a business plan as you consider creating additional income streams. This approach is especially important if you plan to create or invest in another business.

In checking out several business plan software programs over the years, we found a particularly well built, well thought out business software program by Palo Alto Software and gave their most recent version, Business Plan Pro 15th Anniversary Edition, a test drive. You'll profit from what we found.

The people at Palo Alto Software have steadily itoc2mproved this program since it first launched more than fifteen years ago by incorporating user suggestions, taking advantage of technology's infrastructural gains and integrating elements of the evolving business environment. At this point, Business Plan Pro has just about everything you'd need to plan your new business or even to learn what elements to look for in a thorough business plan.

With built-in "wizard" and online videos to guide you, starting out could not be easier. Hours of webinars and online tutorials offer a step-by-step approach to building your customized business plan, along with a handy library of over 500 completed business plans that allows you to copy and paste text you find helpful.

You might find that Business Plan Pro's structured approach introduces you to topics and important aspects of planning your business that you've never considered before. Touching on, pondering and solving all the business elements included in this business plan structure will greatly enhance the likelihood your business will succeed.

You don't need a finance degree or an MBA to create a professional business plan using this software. Also, don't worry if you and math/accounting are not well acquainted. The software works by asking you questions and integrating your answers into the spreadsheets and graphs that business analysts expect to see as part of a well-considered business plan. Coming up with answers to the questions its software raises will go a long way towards helping you understand what creates a profitable business, and whether the business you are planning makes financial sense.

If you want to create multiple streams of income from a variety of business sources, invest the time to create your cash cow using Business Plan Pro. It could save or make your fortune.

Software Download, $199.99;
Palo Alto Software. Inc. (2010)