The picture painted in this book is so positive—including for the American economy—it made me suspicious. I did a little research and learned that Jack Plunkett has authored more than thirty books and is the CEO of Plunkett Research, a provider of market research and industry information for leading corporations, top universities and government agencies worldwide. Plunkett is frequently interviewed as an expert by publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Investor's Business Daily, local and regional newspapers and national columnists.

If you are ready to open your mind and put aside all the projections of economic doom you've heard since the beginning of this Great Recession, Plunkett's book is guaranteed to give you a fresh perspective.

We all know the global economic landscape is dramatically changing and while there may be more crises and hardship ahead, there will be a revival. The question is, where and when will this occur and how can we capitalize on it?

Plunkett persuasively demonstrates that we are on the verge of a period of major economic growth. He presents a panorama of carefully documented developments in the areas of energy, health care, education, demographics, global trade, evolving consumer habits, technologies and a rapidly-growing global middle class.

He shows how trends in America and around the world have tremendous synergy that will lead to a long-term surge in global business. He supports his theory through an entertaining analysis of global prospects for what he defines as the "near future," from 2013 through 2025.

In contrast to Europe and China, who suffer from an aging population, America is one of few nations with a rapidly growing population and Plunkett shows how this is a huge competitive advantage. Meanwhile, the next billion consumers will soon emerge from developing countries. The author shows how and why this will vastly increase demand for goods and services, attracting ever-greater innovation and competition among entrepreneurs and corporations.

Plunkett is not suggesting that you look at the world through rose-colored glasses. Instead, he believes that you will benefit most from the state of the world today by understanding the changes that are occurring around you in order to prepare yourself for the next boom.

Plunkett has also made a series of ten short videos, each one related to a chapter in The Next Boom. Links to the videos are included within the book, and can be found on YouTube.

The next boom is coming, says Plunkett, and it will be an exciting period of solid global growth that will create immense opportunities for investment, business formation, innovation and job creation. This book will help you understand how to best position your business, your investments and your career to optimally benefit.

Hardcover, 274 pages, $29.99;
BizExecs Press, 2010