Jules Price is a Florida-based network marketer who leads a national team that consistently ranks among her company's top-producing organizations. Jules is also an accomplished professional singer who performs regularly in musical theater, concerts, and with the New York City Ballet. When she got into network marketing four years ago, Jules never anticipated that she would grow to love the business as much as she loved her singing career. In time, though, she came to realize that network marketing offered her an opportunity to align all her talents and become the businesswoman she had always dreamed of being.

Jules's focus on personal coaching has helped her team to flourish. Although she used to dislike public speaking, she is now a regular keynote speaker at large events. Such engagements make it possible for her to move and inspire individuals within the network marketing community in the same way that she touches audiences with her singing. Jules now balances her two careers while continuing to grow her company and travel the world for singing and speaking engagements.

Getting Started

For Jules, natural talent combined with years of hard work and perseverance rewarded her with a successful career as a singer in New York City. She travelled the world and routinely performed for audiences of thousands. Jules was passionate about her career, but after fourteen years in New York City, she and her husband Jeremy, a professional chef, yearned for a less hectic lifestyle in a smaller city. The couple moved to Sarasota, Florida in the fall of 2006. Although her singing engagements were less frequent after relocating, Jules was still able to travel and perform.

"Moving was scary," Jules says, "because Jeremy and I both had successful and exciting careers and lived what people saw as glamorous lives in New York City. Everyone thought we were crazy for moving to a place where we didn't know anyone and didn't have jobs. But we wanted a change in lifestyle. Florida's climate was beautiful, and there we could afford a house with a pool and a yard. In New York, our apartment was 650 square feet!"

Social by nature, Jules looked forward to creating a community for herself in Sarasota. She began networking online to find local organizations and clubs. Through the website meetup.com, she met a woman named Christine who invited her to join a women's group in the area. The group's meeting place turned out to be too far a commute from Sarasota, but Jules and the woman kept in touch online. Christine asked Jules when her birthday was, explaining that she liked to send out greeting cards.

Seven months later, when Jules's birthday came, she received two cards in the mail. One was from her mother, and the other was from Christine, who had inserted a $5 Starbucks gift card into the envelope along with the card and had written, "I hope you've settled in and met some nice friends."

Jules was struck by the thoughtful generosity of this gesture.

"Christine wasn't trying to get anything from me, and she wasn't trying to sell herself or her business," Jules says. "She simply reached out to someone she'd never met face-to-face and hadn't talked to in months. It was a genuine act of kindness. I called her and asked her why she did it. She told me that she had a tool that allowed her to stay in touch with friends and acquaintances by sending cards."

Jules was intrigued; maintaining relationships with her worldwide network of friends, family and colleagues had always been important to her. She asked Christine more about this "tool" and was excited to learn that it could help her to stay in touch with people on a daily basis. When Jules saw that one of the choices was to make income with the tool, the decision was easy. In October 2007, Jules signed up under Christine to both use the service and become a distributor.

"I thought of so many people who would want to use this," recalls Jules. "I wasn't necessarily interested in becoming a network marketer, but the decision to sign up was easy because of the product. It's unique, creative and something people emotionally connect with. That was a magic combination for me. Learning that I could make money by sharing this service made the decision even easier."

2010 Holiday Party in a beautiful Clubhouse for 120 of her favorite team leaders.

VIP dinner at convention with husband Jeremy.

Enjoying a game of golf on a VIP incentive trip.

With friend and mentor Todd Falcone.

In Hong Kong singing with the NYC Ballet.

Top Point Earner at national conference with CEO Kody Bateman.

Goofing off with friend and mentor Eric Worre.

Training in Hartford, CT at a company seminar.

Celebrating with mentor Jordan Adler and other top team builders after her book launch in Detroit, MI.

Incentive trip broadcast.

Team Leaders at conference in 2010.

Living the Business

Although Jules's warm market in Sarasota was limited, she eagerly thrust herself into the business, reaching out to acquaintances she had made since moving there and also contacting friends in New York and elsewhere.

Jules soon connected with a businesswoman who invited her to join a weekly luncheon attended by about thirty colleagues. Jules was initially fearful about going, as she had never held a traditional nine-to-five job and did not consider herself a businesswoman.

"I didn't think I belonged there," says Jules. "I wanted to make an excuse not to go, but instead I asked what time I needed to arrive. It was the next day. I didn't have any time to talk myself out of it."

The following day, Jules put on business attire for the first time, and despite her nervousness, she went to the luncheon. She wasn't sure if meeting with the same group of people every week would help to find business builders, but after a few weeks, she found that the relationships she was developing within this group were helping her build a foundation of local contacts.

Within a few months, many members of the networking group had become distributors on her team.

"I was able to authentically connect with the people there about how my company's service could benefit their business," says Jules. "They saw that my product was valuable and easy to share. And they understood that all they had to do to make their money back was become a distributor and refer it to a few people."

After seven months in the business, Jules's community and downline were growing rapidly. This quick success was the result of her fundamental belief in her service, which made it possible for her to promote it without ever feeling insincere or pushy.

"I didn't like the idea of doing home parties or representing a product I didn't relate to," says Jules. "It was important to me not to feel salesy. I loved the fact that with my service, I didn't ever have to think about how I was going to sell it to people. The service sells itself; my job was simply to share it."

Jules sustained rapid growth in her business, so much so that she won her first incentive trip without even knowing she had done so.

"When I eventually realized I had won the trip, I was already scheduled to be in London with the New York City Ballet, so I couldn't even go! It was crazy."

This fueled Jules's enthusiasm for her new career even more.

"I never thought I'd become as passionate about another career as I was about performing," she says, "but as my business took off, I began feeling it was the best job in the world. I wasn't just working my business, I was living it every day."

From Learning to Leading

Within a year, Jules had a thriving downline and had developed a network of customers in her new community.

"I've met so many people because I've been passionate about what I do from the beginning," she says. "Jeremy jokingly calls me the Mayor of Sarasota because I know so many people here."

Eventually, all this growth required Jules not only to continue building her own business, but also to help and lead her team. Devoting more time to her downline slowed her own business growth, which she initially found frustrating. Still, she understood that the team would grow and prosper with the consistent support she put in place.

"Many people who are introduced to this business think they can't do it, or that they don't know enough people," says Jules. She made it her goal to inspire every person on her team to believe in their own success.

"I wanted everyone who put money down at least to make it back," she says. "That was challenging. My own growth was so fast that at first, it was hard for me to understand others who didn't immediately jump into action."

When Jules had signed up, her upline Christine was not actively working her business. In fact, Jules was only the third person Christine had sponsored.

"I took off running and sponsored a lot of people right away," Jules says. "When Christine sent me that card, she had no idea that it would eventually build her an ongoing monthly income. Success in this business, is not about being a rock star; it's about finding one. And you never know who the product is going to touch."

Lacking a strong upline mentor, Jules had to learn network marketing on her own. While this meant that she made a lot of mistakes as the business grew, it also made it possible for her to develop her own style, and it made her want to be a strong leader for her own team. By combining her outgoing personality with her humor, theatrical training, psychology degree and computer skills, she developed a method for logistical and motivational leadership.

"This business utilizes everything I've ever been good at, all rolled it into one," Jules says. "If I had gone to business school rather than becoming a performer, I probably would have had a job very similar to this.

"I love helping people with their marketing and coming up with original ideas. I love the personal aspect of business. So many people are too serious in their business; they don't see how humor and relationships factor in. I love helping people use their personalities to be better in their business.

"Even though I took a different path by going into the performing world, fourteen years later I have my dream job in the business world, too."

When she first got into the business, Jules had been advised that typically only one out of a hundred people who signed up in the business reaches high levels of success. She resisted this advice and thought, "No!" She wanted to help everyone succeed.

To make sure everyone on her team got the help they needed, Jules began devoting her time to presenting team calls, doing one-on-one coaching, responding to hundreds of emails and developing easily duplicable systems.

"I believe that my attention to coaching is the reason I'm a top income earner, even though my team is significantly smaller than many others in my company's top twenty. There are teams with 16,000 distributors who generate less volume than my team."

Magic and Vision

Integral to Jules's training and leadership approach are tools she refers to as her "magic sentences." She has distilled much of what she has learned about succeeding in the business into these phrases, and she finds that these core concepts are consistently useful when discussing her business, whether with potential recruits or established team members.

Phrases such as "I don't know if you'd be interested, but…" facilitate a casual, pressure-free conversation about the business with almost anyone. "I show them what we have to offer," says Jules, "and from there, I just figure out who is drawn to the service or who is interested in the opportunity."

Another magic sentence is, "Let every time be the first time." Jules recalls her experience touring the United States, Canada and Southeast Asia as the lead role in a production of The Sound of Music. Although she performed the show up to nine times a week and had a demanding travel schedule, Jules kept her performance fresh and fun by acting as though each show was her first time performing it. She says the "every time as first time" approach is vital for network marketers, who continously share the same information with different people.

"You have to get in the mindset that it is their first time seeing it," she says, "and they deserve the very best."

Jules finds the practical and inspirational value of these phrases useful whenever anyone on her team, including herself, loses focus.

"People tell me, 'You're always happy,' but that's not true. I get discouraged, too," says Jules. "But you have to be able to turn yourself around and refocus on where you're going and why, and on what you need to do to get there. That's the only way you're going to get back on track and get results."

Jules has found her magic sentences so effective that she recently wrote a book in order to help other network marketers experience a greater measure of success. Chapter topics include "Be unshakeable" and "Enjoy the journey." Helping others on a larger scale through her writing has been one of the most rewarding and unexpected aspects of her business.

Another component of Jules's success has been her vision. Her love for her product and strong belief in its usefulness provided her an unwavering confidence that she was going to succeed at the business. She was able to focus and reach her goals by maintaining a clear idea of what she wanted to achieve.

One such goal was to become peers with the company's leader, Jordan Adler, whose down-to-earth approach and inspiring leadership she greatly admired. After only two months in the business, with only twenty-seven distributors on her team, she sent Jordan a card telling him how much she enjoyed his weekly conference calls.

"I knew where I was going with this company from day one," Jules says. "When I sent Jordan that card, he had no idea who I was. Now he is one of my good friends and a wonderful mentor."

Another goal was to achieve a seat on her company's advisory committee, a council composed of the company's top ten people, in terms of income and sales.

"I'm a perfectionist," she admits, "so the moment I heard about that committee, I wanted to be a part of it so I could have a voice in this company that I loved." Not only did she make it into the top ten, she was number two in sales for the year.

Holding this sort of vision has been a defining characteristic of Jules's ever since she started out as a singer in New York. Many mornings, in those early days, she would wake up before sunrise and wait outside in the cold in order to get into an audition.

"I'd sing sixteen bars with a grumpy pianist and a panel of grumpy-looking people," recalls Jules. "They'd say, 'Thank you,' and I'd leave and do it all over again the next day. I did this over and over because I believed in myself and my talents, and I had a strong passion for reaching my goal of getting to Broadway.

"People are inspired by stories about people overcoming adversity," she adds. "No one wants to hear that someone had a silver spoon, or that everything was perfect or easy for them.

"I like to give the analogy that if someone were to move to New York, go to a few auditions and then give up, that wouldn't be giving it a real go. But people do that in network marketing. They show the business to three people who say no, and then decide it won't work. But failures and rejections make you stronger. They're fuel to keep you going."

The Show that Never Ends

For Jules, the primary appeal of both singing and networking is that they make it possible for her to profoundly affect people's lives.

"When you're a performer," she says, "it's all about inspiring people. When I hear an audience of seven thousand people clapping, I know I've moved them. I stumbled into a business that's the perfect complement to that. I try in any way I can to inspire, encourage and motivate people through my product and my coaching, so they can achieve their goals.

"It's so rewarding to receive emails and cards from people I've never met who say that I've changed their lives or helped them in some way. It's like a magical show that never ends."

Jules also enjoys inspiring audiences through another kind of public performance: keynote speaking engagements.

"I used to dread public speaking," she says. "In theater class, my stomach would turn when they'd make me stand up in front and improvise. But with my business, I can easily get up and talk without thinking first about what I'm going to say, because it's all from the heart."

Although Jules has made it to the upper echelons of her company in just three years, she aspires to continue building her team and perhaps to write another book. She also dreams of expanding her business internationally and helping people worldwide achieve the same success she has experienced.

Her husband Jeremy has supported these dreams from the beginning.

"He tells me that I'm doing the right things to keep growing personally while also helping everyone else build their dreams," says Jules. "I'm lucky to have that kind of support." In fact, some of Jules's biggest earners have come from referrals from her husband.

Jules now makes time in her busy schedule for both of her careers.

"I'll never give up singing," she says, "especially as long as I get to fly around the world to perform with the Ballet. Luckily my networking and singing engagements have not conflicted yet, but if they ever do, I think I may even choose my networking business over my performing career.

"Five years ago, I couldn't imagine anything ever taking precedence over singing. It's so indicative of the passion I have for my company. Network marketing isn't just something I'm doing for now; I see myself in this business forever."