I am thrilled by the opportunity network marketing gives people to build an extra stream of income. I appreciate the financial stability it is giving me, and at the same time I love the blessings it gives me socially and in terms of personal development.

At first I was very focused on going full-time, and this is still my goal now—but with a different point of view. My job as an engineer pays me $4,800 per month (after tax) and therefore pays my normal expenses, such as house, car, gas and food. My network marketing business right now pays me about $2,000 per month.

Here is what I recommend to people, and have as my own goal: When your network marketing business has been earning you twice your after-tax job income for more than six months, then it is a responsible choice to go full-time. And if you don't go full-time at that point, you will probably have the best part-time income in your neighborhood.

Building a network marketing business in combination with a regular job has both challenges and advantages. One challenge is knowing how to use your time effectively. Before I started in the business, I had a lot of bad time-consuming habits.

My regular workday starts 8 a.m. and I leave the job at 4 p.m. At first, I would come home after work, looking forward to having a great business day with my network marketing business. But without any meetings scheduled for that day, that didn't happen. I soon learned to plan ahead. With a girlfriend, good friends and family around me, I also find it very important to plan ahead so that I get to spend time in every area of my life.

I love the social aspect that the business provides. I like getting to know new people, and network marketing is one of the best places to do that. Many of my best friends in my life today have come through the process of building the business.

When I first started out in network marketing I had read just one book (not counting books for school). That has changed. My upline gave me Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and reading it sparked me to read more. I gave the book to my brother and he loved it, too. After that, both of us started reading a lot of great books. I also attend all the company events, and I love all the great coaching I have gotten from the top leaders of our company.

Having an additional stream of income is exciting—but what is even more exciting is the multiple streams of growth that network marketing provides!

LARS VIDAR O. SYNNES lives in Álesund, Norway.
At age 28, he is a rising star in his network marketing
company, leading a growing team of entrepreneurs of all ages.