For a long time, the hype word in the financial industry was "diversify" and, unfortunately, many have preached the same in the networking profession. But is this wise? Do the big boys in business really do this? Have you ever seen a CEO being a CEO for Pepsi and Coke at the same time?

There are two ways to win a horse race: pick the right horse, or bet on all the horses. The problem with this second way of winning is that it doesn't leave you with any money. Trying to create multiple streams of income by joining several different MLM companies at once is like betting on all the horses. It doesn't work.

"But what if one is in Europe and the other is in the United States? Then they don't compete at all!"

Yes, if you are at that level of leadership, that is possible—but I still don't recommend it. Better to choose one and bring it to the other continent: it will surely pay you four times as much.

Diversifying your finances may be a good, safe path for retirement, but it is not how you get rich. Rich people are focused. They do one thing at a time. And they understand that the real secret is creating multiple streams of income within the same business.

Take a rock star: should he also write a book, paint a picture, and make a sculpture? Or should he record ten albums and then sell them in stores, through the Internet and on tour? This is why MLM rock stars build multiple streams of income in the same company.

Our network marketing business has multiple streams of income within itself because it is based not on a few people but on many levels of leaders in the same line.

It is based not on a few lines but on many lines with many distributors.

It is based not in one city or one market but in many cities and several countries, with multiple lines represented in each city and country.

It is based not on one product but on many different products and product lines which are sold by all its lines in all its markets.

When you have a network marketing business, you don't have to start other businesses to have multiple streams of income. You already have multiple streams of income. This is why we love it so much. Your network marketing business can secure you a stable income and make you all the money you need.

If you want to have a rock star income, then stick to one company—and build it all the way to the top.

At age thirty-three, FINN ØRJAN SÆLE already has
a fifteen-year-long networking career. He is the author
of three books that sold over 100,000 copies. Today he is a network
marketing company co-owner and he is building a network
together with his wife Hilde. Ørjan is also co-owner of
and consultant for several traditional businesses.