Can you build more than one network marketing business at the same time, and do it successfully?

To answer this question, let's imagine for a moment that rather than building a network, you are building a home. In fact, let's say your goal is to plan, design and build your dream home. So let me ask you: would you start building two homes at the same time, so you could see which one turned out better?

I don't think so. There would be obvious problems with dividing your attention, as well as your time, energy, money and other resources, on two different home-building projects at once, especially when you're planning to live in only one.

The same thing holds true in our profession. Your success is determined by what you focus on. When you understand the truth of what it really takes to succeed in this profession, you won't be tempted to divide your focus. Rita Davenport often says, "If the grass looks greener somewhere else, it's usually over a septic tank."

Trying to build more than one business at the same time shows a lack of understanding of basic success principles. Wisdom takes time and experience, so be sure to seek out mentors and leaders who will help guide you. Let someone else's hindsight be your foresight. I'm so grateful that I have stayed the course and played full out, with laser focus on a single company. It has allowed me to build a vibrant, global, multimillion-dollar organization.

Shoot for the stars, but take careful aim, otherwise you could be lost in space!

DONNA JOHNSON has been a top earner and mentor
in network marketing for 33 years. She lives in Arizona,
Wisconsin and Jamaica, but also finds time to travel the
world and visit the orphanages she and her team support.