A thankless job: it's something we never dreamed of having, yet we may end up feeling stuck in one. No wonder more than 70 percent of employees want to be their own boss.

The good news is that network marketing provides a wonderful vehicle for those who want to work themselves out of a job. The sad news is that we in network marketing have at times sold the opportunity by denigrating employment. For example, who hasn't heard it said that J.O.B. means "just over broke"? This has resulted in a distorted view of employment. Factor in the reality that 80-plus percent of people in network marketing are in it part time, and one can imagine the repercussions of this distortion—repercussions that can be avoided by a shift in perspective.

Begin with the end in mind, but don't forget the present. Yes, the potential to be your own boss is real, but don't let the prospect of "firing your boss" consume you to the point of getting distracted at work, coasting on the job, or worse, underperforming and deserving to get fired yourself.

Be better at your job. The personal development you learn in network marketing can also make you a better partner, parent, friend and, yes, employee. Instead of allowing your business to compromise your work performance (and consequently people's perception of network marketing), why not incorporate network marketing principles into your work and add a wow factor? Then, when you do finally go full-time in the business, you can go out with a bang—and more likely have your boss and colleagues wanting what you have.

They might even become your business associates. Isn't that a better alternative to firing them?

Be better in business. Network marketing expands your capacity for learning, which helps you acquire and improve skills at work. Strategic planning, effective execution, teambuilding and communication are all skills necessary in big business building as well. Instead of feeling hindered by your job and trying to bolt out too quickly, why not see it as a preparatory school that pays you a salary instead of charging you tuition?

Be grateful that you have more than one income stream. At a time when unemployment remains a pressing concern, having a job is something to be thankful for, regardless of the drudgery or difficulty. Anyone will tell you that having two income streams is always better than one, especially while you're establishing your walkaway income pipeline.

It's saddening to watch people struggle in the business because they've quit their jobs too early. Go full-time at the right time, the right way. Just because your network marketing income last month matched your salary doesn't mean it's time to send that letter of resignation. Counsel with your upline, and resist the temptation to cut the queue.

Done right and at the right time, going full-time in network marketing will be liberating and rewarding. And that's something to be thankful for!

DONNA IMSON is executive chairperson of an international
network marketing company based in the Pacific Rim.
She is an accomplished network marketer, much sought
after speaker and a role model for entrepreneurial
aspirants, especially women. She is infinitely
grateful to the profession for bringing
dignity and fulfillment to single mothers like her.