Like many network marketers, I enjoy multiple streams of income. Each stream runs because I have something someone else wants.

My network marketing business provides outstanding nutritional products for those who value great health. When the price of gasoline got ridiculously high, some of my customers had to choose between paying for their nutritional supplements or putting gas in their cars. Good thing I had multiple streams of income.

My rental properties provide homes for people who need housing. Lucky for me there have always been lots of renters for our Kauai duplex. Unlucky for me that our renters elsewhere stop paying their rent and cause lots of headaches. Good thing I have multiple streams of income.

I am invested in the stock market. Smartly, I thought. Yet others were smarter, and my loss was their gain. I used to earn nice interests on savings and money market accounts. Need I say more? Good thing I have multiple streams of income.

I authored several books that earn royalties. No problem here, as long as the information stays current and relevant.

Obviously I cannot always control my income streams, as they depend on the marketplace, the economy, even acts of God. Looking at the global financial landscape, I see a lot of chaos. Events happening in Greece affect the stock value of U.S. companies. A government action in China affects employment in Texas. A natural disaster in Japan changes the American auto industry. A guy assaults a hotel maid in New York and the global economic system vibrates. Wow.

What are we to do? How do we create financial security for ourselves?

Because the viability of our income streams constantly fluctuates, I find my greatest financial security in my network of friends. The love and support of our chosen family is central to my peace of mind.

As we build our visions for the future, we constantly generate ideas that lead to actions that add value to the world. Being able to add value gives me tremendous comfort during these tumultuous times. And as we add value, we create more potential streams of income.

How are you adding value to your world? How are you enriching your network of friends and business partners?

In this issue, we honor the life and legacy of Networking University faculty member Brian Klemmer. Through his personal development programs he added value to thousands of lives, enhancing our personal capacity to create stronger, more meaningful relationships and powerful networks. This is true wealth. Thank you, Brian, for being our role model and reminding us that education changes everything.

See you in class!

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University