The Kids Are Fine
Josephine Gross, Ph.D.
Gen Y likes to make money, but not at any cost. They look for time flexibility, working with friends, travel and making a difference. Isn't this what we all have always wanted, but felt was too much to ask for or were afraid we couldn't get? Let's applaud these kids for having the courage of their convictions and setting a new standard for themselves and the world.

A Little Marketing Secret
Art Jonak
Do you need more people to talk to? Have you completely run out of prospects? Why not try gift certificates to give you the opportunity to visit with more prospects? Gift shopping is one of the biggest problems in men's lives. And you can solve it. Send the woman of their choice a gift basket with your products and a gift certificate. After a few weeks, when she calls you to redeem her gift certificate and order some additional products, you will have a highly qualified prospect for your business.

Shining "The Lights"
Dana Collins and Donna Johnson
The network marketing business model is making inroads into mainstream media. Recently network marketing leaders and top earners Donna Johnson and Dana Collins appeared in an Internet TV show called The Lights: One City, One Dream. The Lights is a reality show that follows four young women entrepreneurs as they take the journey of building their own businesses. Last fall, Donna and Dana flew to New York City to film an episode of the show. Upon editing, the producers were so impressed with their contribution that they decided to make Donna and Dana permanent mentors to be featured in the program.

Gen Y Says "Why Not?"
Chris Brady
More and more people are realizing that their economic wellbeing is in their hands alone. Entrepreneurship and private business ownership are emerging as more viable alternatives for a generation that has seen its parents' dreams ground to dust by the (mostly) corporate myth. Enter networking—an unconventional entrepreneurial approach to wealth, self-determinism, freedom and security. These lifestyle features of the profession are well known, but some of the subtler features of networking are attracting more and more members of Generation Y.

The Power of a Mentor
Doug Firebaugh
Most successful people have one thing in common: they have mentors. They describe their mentor as someone who has made a difference in their life and taught them things that helped them reach a higher level of success more quickly than they could have on their own. Whether it was a friend, a relative, or someone they had never met in person, the impact of this person was undeniable. In today's home-based business environment, it is no different. A mentor can help you in a unique way by bringing you experience, wisdom and navigation. Are you ready to be mentored and to learn from that powerful relationship?

The Event Horizon of Achievement
John David Mann
Writing a book, budding a relationship, growing a business, carving out any achievement over time, is less like building something out of little pieces and more like unearthing a thing that already exists, whole and of a piece.