The network marketing business model is making inroads into mainstream media. Recently, network marketing leaders and top earners Donna Johnson and Dana Collins appeared in an Internet TV show called The Lights: One City, One Dream.

The Lights is a reality show that follows four young women entrepreneurs as they take the journey of building their own businesses. Last fall, Donna and Dana flew to New York City to film an episode of the show. Upon editing, the producers were so impressed with their contribution that they decided to make Donna and Dana permanent mentors to be featured in the program.—J.G.

How did this opportunity find you?

Dana: The law of attraction is truly a governing principle in our universe.

One day, a good friend called me to ask if I could come to his furniture store to cover the floor for an hour. This was the first time he had asked me this, so naturally I said yes.

It was the middle of the day and there wasn't much going on in his store. In fact, while I was there, only one person came in. Her name was Stella Kennedy and she wanted help picking a chandelier.

I am not a lighting expert; however, I have learned to give my best in every situation, and this was no exception. During the chandelier discussion it was evident we were both from the same "tribe." Successful people speak a language that other successful people understand, so we immediately connected. I found out Stella was a self-made multimillionaire who had emigrated from Romania. Her parents didn't believe in communism and had given up everything they owned to come to the United States.

Stella's deep appreciation for the freedoms most of us take for granted propelled her to create a multimillion-dollar enterprise. She had written a book about her life and success principles, which is currently being turned into a documentary to be aired on PBS. Stella also mentioned her role as co-producer for a show called The Lights.

After telling her about what I do, Stella said, "We have been looking for a successful woman from your profession to mentor the young entrepreneurs on our show. You would be perfect!"

Stella wanted to see me speak, to make sure I was indeed a good fit for her show. As it turned out, I was speaking the next week in Stella's hometown, Cleveland. What are the odds of all of these "coincidences" lining up perfectly?

Once Stella concluded I was the right person, I asked her if I could invite my best friend and mentor, Donna Johnson, to appear with me. I knew Donna would add a lot to the show's content and to these young women's future. Stella didn't hesitate to say yes.

Donna, what did you think when you were first approached about The Lights?

Donna: I was delighted to see there was a reality show featuring young entrepreneurs, because I realize young people are not shopping for a boss anymore. They no longer want their parents' corporate job. There is an emerging trend among young college graduates to want to start a business. The Lights capitalizes on this trend by featuring and empowering young people who want to go out and build their dream.

Unlike most reality shows, The Lights questions who the media puts forth as role models and who we glamorize. The women featured are talented, smart, determined and hungry for success in the career of their choice. To be able to give them the hard-fought wisdom that comes from years of being on the journey of personal development and success was rewarding beyond measure.

Why was Stella looking for network marketing professionals?

Dana: Because Stella's first experience in business came from being involved in a network marketing company herself. She understood that success in our profession comes when you successfully mentor and coach others to success. She knew we would have the ability to mentor the women on The Lights because that is what we do with our teams.

What did you think of the experience?

Dana: It was fun, interesting and exciting. I love New York City, so you don't have to twist my arm to visit. Donna and I were asked to do the kind of training we might do for our organizations.

We taught a vision workshop, based on Richard Brooke's Mach II with Your Hair on Fire, to an audience of PR people who were not familiar with this kind of material. Seeing their reactions as we discussed ideas that are common in network marketing circles was eye-opening. We sometimes forget how blessed we are by the powerful ideas, books and thought leaders we are exposed to in our profession.

Donna: It was a blast! Sharing the foundational principles for success comes naturally to Dana and me, so we didn't use a script. Our first shoot was in a coffee shop, where Dana and I conversed spontaneously, as we do all the time. The second shoot was in a workshop, teaching women entrepreneurs some golden nuggets we've learned from the masters in our profession.

How do you see the impact of this episode?

Dana: I think it will elevate the perception of network marketing in the eyes of the public. We were chosen because of the experience we have that only this profession can provide. I hope it will encourage other network marketing leaders to look for similar opportunities to share their tremendous skill sets with the mainstream business community.

Donna: This was a milestone for our profession. It clearly indicates that our business model is starting to attract mainstream recognition. More and more people are being drawn to the benefits of our business. It's exciting to make an impact on these young women, and it's a privilege to be a part of a project that elevates our profession and shifts the mindset of our society. We are witnessing the onset of a tidal wave of global success, as our profession delivers realistic answers to everything Gen Y is looking for.