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Do you need more people to talk to? Have you completely run out of prospects? Why not try gift certificates to give you the opportunity to visit with more prospects?

Imagine you sell skin care products. Who are your best users? Women. You could reach these products users and talk to them about your opportunity by using gift certificates.

Here's how it works:

Go to any office that employs men. Who you're ideally looking for are men who are married or in a relationship. Since men typically don't like shopping, they dread Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, birthdays and anniversaries. When these special days approach, here is how they normally handle their gift shopping:

The day before that special day, they go to a local department store, approximately five minutes before closing. Once inside, they stand in one spot and slowly scan the counters—and then despair. They don't have a clue. Usually they'll grab something that is within reach, purchase it, and then spend the next few hours agonizing over how they will get it attractively gift-wrapped.

Gift shopping is one of the biggest problems in men's lives.

And you can solve it.

Tell the men in this office that you can solve their gift-giving problems, and they'll gleefully throw money in your direction to relieve themselves of this uncomfortable burden in their lives.

Ask each man to give you the six or seven dates that he'll need a gift each year. Tell him that you'll do the shopping, the gift-wrapping, and even pick up an appropriate card—and deliver everything to him the day before the special date.

In this example, since you are selling skin care products, you'll nicely package a variety of your products into a gift basket and include a gift certificate and catalog, so that the recipient can pick out additional products she may want.

When the woman receives her gift basket, she begins using your skin care products. After a few weeks, she calls you to redeem her gift certificate and order some additional products from the catalog.

Now consider the quality of this prospect.

1. She is a satisfied product user with experience using your products.

2. She is ordering more products.

3. When delivering her products, you'll be having a friendly chat with her and creating a perfect setting to present your business opportunity. Your prospect will be open-minded and will listen to your business opportunity, then let you know if it is for her.

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