Today we see a number of trends happening in the global economy, where traditional business models are becoming obsolete. There has been a real intrigue with and movement toward entrepreneurship in a consumer market that's increasingly driven by social media connections. This shift has created the perfect storm of opportunity for Gen Y.

Personally, I have found my solution in this economic evolution through network marketing.

Gen Y comes with valuable characteristics to support our success in entrepreneurship and specifically the networking profession:

  1. We are social. We grew up on the Internet, gather daily on Facebook and know how to conduct a viable business online. Facebook is a huge market for us. If it were a country, it would be the third largest in the world! Who you know and what they recommend is more influential today than ever before. Gen Y realizes this and is passionate about bringing its messages to the masses—through a viral online community.

  2. We've learned to thrive in change. A recent survey conducted for the Young Entrepreneurship Summit indicates that 89 percent of Gen Y believes entrepreneurship education is important, given the new economy and job market. Young people are acutely aware of current economic shifts, including unemployment rates and layoff trends. As we are growing into adulthood, we are forced to adapt to the current economic environment.

  3. We care about our long-term future and retirement. We are faced with starting relationships and careers, choosing a home and other defining decisions. The insecurity of the economy has forced us to be very secure in ourselves and in our abilities. Because of this, many young people realize that there are other lucrative options out there aside from the traditional, no longer secure, nine-to-five jobs.

  4. We are tech-savvy, armed with BlackBerrys®, MacBooks®, iPods®, iPhones®, and all the latest gizmos and gadgets. We communicate around the clock via text messages, emails, tweets, conference calls, webinars and social media. With the click of a button we share our opinions, influence others and inspire them to act upon our ideas. We are constantly communicating.

  5. We are team-oriented. Gen Y grew up doing team activities and playing sports. We are used to empowering and supporting one another and moving as a group to achieve a goal. In network marketing, this is a crucial asset, because, as the saying goes, "teamwork makes the dream work."

With the current trends of today's economy and Gen Y's unique character traits, network marketing is the perfect solution to create our success.

distributor and top income earner in her
network marketing company. A former educator,
Sarah uses her passion for teaching to
help people build successful businesses.