Of all the things Generation Y came here to accomplish, living a mediocre life is not one of them.

The greatest fear of your average "Echo Boomer" is the thought of being trapped working long hours at the same high-stress job for over thirty years. We want to enjoy what life has to offer now. We want time freedom and financial freedom. We don't trust the systems in place and are actively searching for a plan B.

By providing us with an alternative to living our greatest fear, network marketing is a perfect fit in that it inspires us to align with our true potential.

Want to sponsor Gen Y leaders into your business? First, find us where we are. We grew up with technology and are avid Internet users. While you probably won't see us at your hotel networking meeting or local Toastmasters, we're well connected through social media, and we turn to Google for solutions to our problems.

Once you've connected with us, know that we don't like to be sold, but we love to buy. Show us the top three ways network marketing fits with Generation Y and you just may have found your next leader.

  1. Fits with our budget. Starting a network marketing business typically has a low financial barrier of entry. Many of us are used to spending hundreds of dollars on road trips, a semester's worth of college books or our newest must-have gadget. With network marketing, an investment of a few hundred dollars can infinitely increase our income potential. When you help us see this, we will choose to invest wisely.

  2. Fits with our lifestyle. Most of us are extremely mobile, with some of us bordering on nomadic. From frequent moves, regular road trips and international travel, we have a strong desire to experience life, and we recognize that growth and learning come from life experiences. Network marketing offers the opportunity to build a business we can bring with us wherever our life adventures lead. In network marketing we even have the potential to turn the trips we're already taking into business-building adventures that become tax-deductable.

  3. Fits with our ambitions. Somewhere between being told we can do anything we want, witnessing the lavish lifestyles of pro athletes and celebrities, and sincerely desiring to create positive change in the world, we have developed large and luxurious dreams. Network marketing offers us a realistic chance of creating the freedom of lifestyle we truly desire, and the ability to follow and live those dreams.

If you can help us to align our youthful energy and natural talents with the right opportunity, the right mentoring and training, and the right personal development plan, you've uncovered the secret to recruiting a Gen Y All-Star on your team.

network marketers with strong Internet
marketing backgrounds. In addition to sharing
the power of the business with others, Melanie
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