Born and raised on the island of St. Maarten, I have always had a high vision and deep passion for my Caribbean people. One of my goals became to help them achieve financial freedom. When I discovered network marketing, I recognized it as the vehicle that would allow me to fulfill my promise.

Along my journey, I learned that there are two critical factors for entrepreneurial success. One is developing a passion for what we do. The other is persistent determination, along with the understanding that success, while not effortless, is achievable.

A woman’s passion starts building the moment she realizes she needs to create change in her life, and that working for others will not bring her financial freedom. She reaches a point where she feels there must be a better way. She has enough of the daily grind and is ready to create a better life for herself and her family.

Network marketing offers an equal opportunity for women to succeed. It allows us to revolutionize the course of our lives in an instant by making some clear choices, and then following through until we achieve our dreams. Our lives change as soon as we permit this change and welcome the fact that we have to tread outside of our comfort zone.

A woman can easily acquire the skills required for success, as long as she stays focused on what she needs to do until she gets the results she desires. As she becomes passionate about fulfilling the promises she made to herself, she starts to create an unstoppable force that moves her forward.

Success is the reward, but it always has a price, and that price is hard work. Success is earned, and if you are willing to pay the price, you can receive the reward.

Women are good at following the path of others who have achieved what they themselves are looking for. By learning from others’ mistakes and emulating what they did right, we can save ourselves a lot of time and energy.

Changing the course of a woman’s life is not that hard to do, no matter where she lives. All it takes is a moment of decision. In order to achieve entrepreneurial success, she has to persevere until she achieves her set targets. This requires discipline and focus.

These are the characteristics that separate the weak from the strong. Once you own these, you can develop all the other traits needed for success. These characteristics will help women to be successful not only in their businesses but in all areas of their lives.

Cultivate big dreams, a passion for what you do and the willingness to do whatever it takes mentally to fight for your dreams. Regardless of creed, ethnic group, nationality or status, network marketing provides the opportunity for all women to become successful entrepreneurs, including those of us living in the islands.


pastor and a rising star in her network
marketing company. She leads a team that spreads
across twenty-one islands in the Caribbean
and is currently expanding into Jamaica.