Changing the Game
Josephine Gross, Ph.D.
Since the world population is about 50 percent female, wouldn’t it make sense that a more equal gender representation at the top would create a better world for everyone? How can we encourage, inspire and empower women so that more of them will step into the leadership positions their natural abilities, education, professional skills and rising economic power destine them for?

Women Don’t Erect Statues
Ann Jonak
When we go to the bookstore, we see rows and rows of books about men written by men. When we look outside, we see museums devoted to men, streets and cities named after men and statues dedicated to men. Where are the great women leaders? Leadership, admiration and appreciation take a different form in a woman’s world. Perhaps we need to look further and work harder to identify and recognize our female role models. It’s time to celebrate the feminine legacy, greatness and insight, which may be found in the unassuming woman sitting next to you.

Pride to Problem
Terri Brady
There’s a fine line between confidence and pride, and this often gets us into trouble. The experience of repeated successes builds confidence. But confidence turns into pride when you are unwilling to involve others in your success. Team-building, networking, relationship-building and family life always involve others, so there is no room for pride. This article covers six ways pride can turn to problem. Keep your pride under control and watch your relationships grow. Your—and others’—victory depends on it.

Raising People
Laurie Woodward
There are numerous correlations between raising a family and building a successful networking team. Teaching the importance of developing a dream and staying focused on that dream, to take and accept responsibility, to fall in love with learning, to maintain a positive attitude through challenges, and to recognize victories are five basic building blocks that lay a solid foundation for a happy family—and for a thriving business. Leadership in networking is like leadership at home: it requires love, patience and discipline to bring out each community member’s personal best.

Work Less to Achieve More
Joelle Jay
Today everyone is busier than ever. If you suffer from a scarcity of time, you must learn to be more effective in your use of time or risk becoming a victim of your own success. The solution? Stop trying to go faster, and instead maximize the time you have so you become more productive. Yes, it is possible, and the benefit is that as you gain productivity, you actually work less. If you’re ready to trade your current frantic pace of work for one that’s more relaxed yet efficient, this article offers three strategies to help you achieve more in less time.

The Female Advantage
Sonia Stringer
The online world gives women an opportunity to succeed in business as never before. The most recent report from All Facebook states there are now over 80 million women in the United States alone using Facebook on a regular basis. ComScore reports that middle-aged women are the fastest-growing demographic online. By leveraging the use of social media sites, growing an email list and utilizing your communication and relationship skills, you can develop a large network of highly-qualified contacts who come to trust you and eventually buy from you.

A Legacy of Women
Ana Gabriel Mann
As women are gaining a majority share of global wealth for the first time in history, they are redefining how we prioritize spending as a society. We see this happening in the world of network marketing, too, where more and more women are using their economic power to invest in causes they care about. Many are creating a powerful legacy of giving, forming coalitions to use their money, energy and passion to better the lives of others.