If only you could love enough, you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the universe.

These words by Emmet Fox form the opening quote as well as the premise of Marci Shimoff’s new book, Love for No Reason.

“Why are we alive?” she asked the 150 experts she interviewed and whom she calls the Love Luminaries. All agreed that our ultimate purpose here on earth is to grow in our ability to give and receive love.

If love is our job description, says Marci, the most important thing we can do is to find that ocean of love within us and bring it to the world—to ourselves, to our loved ones, to strangers we pass in the street, to our businesses, to everyone and everything.

In part one, Marci defines the concept of love for no reason, which differs from romantic love or even “conditional” love, where we use others to fill a void or love to get something in return. Love for no reason is an inner state of pure love that doesn’t depend on external circumstances. It is the deepest form of love and the key to lasting joy and fulfillment.

In part two Marci offers what one reviewer called “the ultimate fitness program for experiencing the love that you are.” Each chapter focuses on one of the seven chakras or energy centers in the body and the specific aspect of love represented by that chakra.

Like her other New York Times bestselling book Happy for No Reason, this compelling and life-changing book draws on cutting-edge scientific research, ancient wisdom from cultures across the globe, time-tested tools, and riveting, real-life stories.

You’ll learn how to:

Marci promises that if you make the shift to love for no reason, every area of your life will be enhanced. “Instead of feeling a little hungry all the time—for security, more stuff, more recognition, more everything—you’ll feel whole and complete.”

Here is what Marianne Williamson says in the foreword:

“Marci Shimoff has her finger on the pulse of the greatest evolutionary leap in the history of humanity—our leap out of fear into the attitudinal matrix of love. From philosophy to science, from theory to experience, this book covers the gamut and makes a very good case for not only the power but also the practicability of love.”

Hardcover, 386 pages, $26.00;
Free Press, 2011.