When presenting myself as an Internet marketer at training events, I’m always surprised at how many women pull me aside because they are eager to learn more. Most will start by sharing that they are very interested in growing their businesses online, but that they feel a bit intimidated by it all.

Truth be told, I believe women have huge advantages when it comes to doing business on the Internet. You don’t have to be under the age of 22 or a certified “techno-geek” to make this work for you. All you need is a little training, a few proven strategies and some important insight into why the Internet is fast becoming the most powerful new frontier for women to succeed in business. Here’s why:

Your Ideal Prospects Are Spending More Time Online

The Direct Selling Association (dsa.org) estimates that 82.5 percent of the direct selling/network marketing profession is comprised of women, which proves that your business is attractive and well-suited for them.

If you are looking for women who want to buy your products or join your team, there are millions of them hanging out online. More women than men use social media sites; on average, women spend 30 percent more time there on a daily basis.

The most recent report from All Facebook (January, 2011) states there are now over 80 million women in the United States alone using Facebook on a regular basis. ComScore reports that middle-aged women (over 45) are the fastest-growing demographic online.

What does this mean to you? If you have products or a business opportunity geared towards women, Facebook and the Internet are where you need to spend time and build connections. You can find more highly-qualified prospects gathered there than anywhere else, and with a little skill and strategy you can build relationships, generate new sales and sponsor some sharp new business partners.

Women Already Possess the Skills Needed to Succeed Online

Women are destined to dominate the online business world because we are born with the most important skills necessary to succeed in this domain. The key to earning great money on the Internet is not a matter of slick selling skills or hard closes. It comes down to building quality relationships and adding value to other people’s lives. Let’s face it, women love to connect, make a difference and create relationships with others, and the online world provides unlimited opportunities for us to do so.

Even more inspiring is the fact that the most successful online entrepreneurs rise to the top for two important reasons:

1) they are real and authentic;
2) they find ways to make a difference and contribute to others.

Obviously, men can and do succeed in these ways, but women possess natural abilities in both these areas that give us some major advantages in the online world. The Internet is one of the few business environments where women can be extremely successful, just be being ourselves.

Email Marketing: The Perfect Tool

Most women already know that social media sites are great places to connect with new prospects, but there is another online tool that allows us to maximize our relationship-building abilities to generate multiple new sales and sponsoring opportunities.

You may have heard the phrase, “The money is in the list.” When it comes to the Internet, this has never been more true. The most important online asset you can build today is an email list of highly- targeted, qualified prospects and customers.

Why is an email list so important to your bottom line? It is still the most effective tool for developing relationships and adding value. Yes, social networking sites are powerful, but using social media without building an email list is like having a Ferrari with no wheels.

In order to limit spam and discourage over-solicitation, Facebook and similar platforms make it difficult to connect with more than just a few contacts at a time. Even if you build up a large network of contacts on these sites, the ways in which you can communicate with them are limited.

Ideally, you want to use social media sites to make friends and then invite these new leads to join your email list, generally in exchange for a valuable free offer of some kind. Once they join your email list, you now have total control over when, how and why you connect with them, giving you the opportunity to add more value and build even closer relationships.

Here are some reasons why email marketing works:

The online world gives women an opportunity to succeed in business like never before. By leveraging the use of social media sites, growing an email list and utilizing your communication and relationship skills, you can develop a large network of highly-qualified contacts who come to trust you and eventually buy from you regularly. Our opportunity as women to make a fabulous income while making a real difference in the world has never been greater.

SONIA STRINGER is a professional speaker,
business coach and author of the upcoming book

Savvy Network Marketing Women. An experienced
online marketer, she has used the Internet
to build her own multiple six-figure business
from home that serves clients around the world.