Have you ever noticed how men often don’t see the very things women simply can’t ignore?

A real-life story: It’s Saturday morning and I’m opening the door to the ballroom. Elina, our event coordinator is not there yet, but luckily a few team members—all men—have arrived.

They knew I would be coming in late this morning, so they have gotten the room ready and are sitting around waiting, chatting about yesterday’s conference.

I can’t help but notice there are just a few things missing that they evidently are not aware of. The chairs are not in alignment. Most of the cups, bottles and papers from yesterday are lying on the floor. The coffee area is all nice and tidy, except the tablecloth has not been changed. And the stage looks just as it did yesterday, with half empty-water bottles standing on the speaker’s table.

Now, I’m not saying men can’t organize an event room! But a big part of being a woman is to have an eye for how things look.

I take a deep breath, gather the group in the center of the room and delegate the unfinished tasks. The team gets in motion, and in less than thirty minutes the ballroom that could hold 1,000 people is clean and ready for a new day of exciting conferences.

I’m grateful to work with both fantastic men and fantastic women. Most of all, I believe entrepreneurial success in Scandinavia is more about personality than about gender. However, I often see that men have stronger vision and women have stronger intuition. While men are good at focusing on one thing, women have the wonderful capacity to multitask and make sure the job gets done! While men go for the mission, women have a clear eye for details. For women to achieve even more, make sure you trust your strong side and develop your weak side.

Women’s intuition and eye for details are crucial in business; the situation in my ballroom exemplifies situations that occur in boardrooms, meeting rooms, home presentations, business presentations and all human interactions.

Write down your gifts so you clearly know what they are, then start using them to lead your team. It is better to sharpen our own skills than to try to compete with others. You are born an original so don’t live like a copy.


motivational speaker and top
leader in her network marketing
company which she co-owns with
her husband Ørjan Sæle.