In Africa women play a significant role in building a better future for the next generation. In a society where gender equality is not always a popular concept, single mothers especially are strained financially by their numerous family responsibilities. Yet, despite heartbreaking challenges, many are determined to find a better way.

I grew up in rural Uganda with four brothers and three sisters. My parents were primary school teachers who taught us that the only way to make it in life is to study hard, get good grades and find a good job.

I was also groomed to be a wife, a mother and a homemaker with a husband to take care of me and my children.

I graduated from college in 1996, started working, got married, and had my son in 1998. After two years, I could not see myself getting ahead financially and thought getting a Masters degree would help me move forward. I received a scholarship to study in the Netherlands and left my 1-year-old son behind, thinking this was the only way to create a better life for him.

When I returned with my Masters degree in 2000, I found a good job but soon after I was faced with the challenge of single motherhood, because my husband and I had separated. My son was only 3 and I had also adopted a little girl who needed someone to take care of her.

To give my children a good life, I started several businesses to supplement my income, often working more than fourteen hours a day, seven days a week. I was stressed and unhappy, desperately seeking a way out. At the end of 2005, the opportunity of my life found me: my sister introduced me to network marketing.

I immediately saw how this business had the potential to give me everything I was looking for. It could save me from running around from job to job and would allow me to earn the income I needed to give my children the kind of life I dreamed for them.

I made a commitment to learn about the business and took action. I had to exercise patience to build a business that would allow me to reap the benefits of exponential growth. I learned to be coachable and attended many trainings.

In May 2007 I attended a life-changing event in Jakarta which I felt provided me with the tools and insights to make network marketing my lifelong engagement. I closed all my other businesses and quit my job to become a full-time entrepreneur. Everyone thought I was crazy, but six months later, I was earning four times what I had been making from my last job.

And I’m not the only one. Today I know many people who are beginning to see that there is another way. Network marketing offers everything we need to achieve our dreams. By joining hands and embracing this wonderful profession, we can make this world a better place for future generations.


DOREEN KATTO lives in Kampala, Uganda
with her children Ricky and Rita. She is a rising star
in her network marketing company, leading a team
of mainly female entrepreneurs across the African continent.