DC Cordova
For the past thirty years I have worked in the entrepreneurial field, both in education and organizational development. I have interviewed, been mentored by and become friends with some of the most extraordinary entrepreneurs around the world, many of them female.

Here are some powerful female success factors:

Over the years I have been fortunate to have had several long-term business relationships, all of which were successful in many different ways

In these business arrangements, though I could easily have positioned myself as a leader, I chose to be the supporter, the nurturer of the male partners. They happened to be good and fair business mates, and the relationships worked because we agreed on the rules of the game—we were clear about our job descriptions. We defined the best traits that would contribute to the highest good of the company, and I used many of the female traits mentioned above.

I had no problem taking that supportive role since I was an equal partner: we shared profits equally and I was treated with love and respect.

These arrangements allowed me to learn tremendously from my business partners and the synergetic effect was stunning.

When we know our power and apply the female factors, the results speak for themselves.

DC CORDOVA is CEO of Excellerated
Business Schools® and Money & You®,
global organizations with over 80,000
graduates in Asia Pacific and North
America. Her purpose: To Uplift
Humanity’s Consciousness Through Business.