Interestingly, although women outnumber men on our planet, most women are unaware of their power and influence. Not unrelated to this is the fact that in most areas of business, there still exists a glass ceiling, and there is an often unspoken inequality when it comes to pay and executive position in the workforce.

Equal opportunity is one reason network marketing is so appealing to women, once they understand the business model. When a woman realizes she can work from home, be the CEO of her own company, do it in her pajamas while scrambling the eggs, and that she will never be outsourced or fired, she says, “Whoa—look out!!”

When you unleash that kind of awareness and excitement, anything can happen.

The greatest untapped resource today is the power of women.

Many of us have been stay-at-home moms and out of the work force for a long time. It’s difficult to go back to what was when you are confronted by what is in today’s marketplace. Yet we still have our vitality and our talents and dreams, and we still have much to offer even after the kids no longer need us 24/7.

Also, let’s not forget those of us who have been single parents while holding part-time and even full-time jobs, and those savvy younger women who are entering the workforce and have grown up with different values and goals than their mothers had.

One thing we have in common: women are natural networkers. We share information and we liberally recommend products we like. We matter-of-factly let people know if something is not up to our standards. There is no better advertising than a woman who expresses her love for a product. Now that’s power.

Women are beginning to realize that the Internet makes it possible for them to reinvent themselves and begin a business that requires little risk and low start-up cost. Women tend to be more risk-adverse than men, who are usually more willing to take a gamble on a new business that involves higher risk and requires greater investment.

As more and more women see the opportunity to begin entrepreneurial ventures, the world is going to feel their impact.

Women determine 90 percent of the purchases made in today’s global economy. Women will continue to do so, and now that they are able to add “home-based business CEO” to their résumés, who knows what kind of impact their collective power will have on the world!


SUE CASSIDY is a network marketing leader and
an accomplished songwriter who has written songs for 
superstar artists including Tina Turner, Michael Jackson and
Smokey Robinson. She is the founder of 
and co-author of
The Lifeboard: Follow Your Vision.
Realize Your Dreams (see page 9). Sue is married
to performing artist David Cassidy.