Think about mountain climbers who are heading for Mt. Everest. The very first thing they do is set up their base camp. This is where they will strengthen themselves

before they begin and where they return to rejuvenate after their adventures.

Imagine what would happen if these climbers forgot to set up their base camp. Maybe they told themselves that there was just too much to do, so they decided that they did not have the time.

What would happen next? If the mountain climbers didn’t set up a base camp, a place to map out the route, check weather conditions and prepare for the climb, they might not make it to the top of the peak. And even if they did, they certainly wouldn’t survive the trip down.

Imagine how they would feel in the process! We would certainly call such climbers crazy for not using a base camp, as it is a life-threatening oversight.

You probably guessed my point by now. It is just as crazy to attempt to live your life without a base camp. Setting up your base camp should be the very foundation for everything you wish to give and create in your life.

Nurturing others is part of our natural feminine expression. It’s natural for us to want to contribute to others’ well-being. Where most women go wrong is that we give and give—and don’t take responsibility for having or visiting our base camp to replenish. The result is that we easily become drained.

Before long, we are unable to remember when we last laughed from our bellies. Our children wonder what is wrong with us. Our partner thinks that we are completely frigid. We ourselves feel bitter and exhausted, and we basically never want to get out of bed, ever again.

What happened? We whisper to ourselves and cry silently into our pillow.

Imagine a world filled with women who visit their base camp daily (you being one of them). It is a world where women are rejuvenated and rested. They make sure to take care of themselves before reaching out to care for others.

A world full of women filled up to the brim with energy will be a better world for everyone. When we are filled up, we want to give. With a feminine base camp as part of your life, you can map and climb any mountain before you. You will find yourself overflowing with energy, enough energy to give to yourself and others.

Do you feel guilty and selfish at the thought of receiving? Next time you take time for self-care, as you book a massage or something similarly luxuriou;s, remind yourself that you deeply serve everyone you come in contact with when you take self-loving action.

Return to your feminine base camp. Do it for the sake of the world!


CHAMELI ARDAGH is founder of the Awakening
Women Institute anda leading pioneer in contemporary
feminine spirituality. Through her workshops and books,
she has inspired thousands of women around the
world with her breakthrough methods for living and
embodying feminine brilliance.