Did you ever wonder why women are so successful in network marketing?

I have built large organizations over the last twenty-five years, and invariably some of my best leaders were women. I used to attribute this to the fact that I am a strong woman myself, therefore I would tend to attract strong women. In reality, it turns out women represent over 80 percent of the field force in network marketing and direct sales.

Women have notoriously lagged behind men in the job market. They often make substantially less income for doing the same job. In our profession, there is no glass ceiling, the entry fee is low, the work schedule is flexible and it is a level playing field. No wonder women are motivated to get involved!

While network marketing is a great option for women for many reasons, there is no doubt that women have been great for network marketing as well. Their impact has hugely contributed to the continuous growth of the direct selling sector year after year.

Network marketing and women are a perfect fit.

There are three female traits that I’ve found to be enormously beneficial to building a network marketing organization.

The first is nurturing. Women, for the most part, are natural nurturers.

This makes sense, since we are the child-bearers. In a way, developing a good distributor is like parenting. You give birth, teach, develop, support, love and guide, and these are all part of what women generally seem to do well. This really serves them in our profession and contributes to their ability to keep distributors in the business through the learning curve until they start to make money.

A second trait many women share is multitasking. Science has shown that the female brain is actually prewired for this skill. Women manage to juggle their jobs, marriages, and the activities of multiple children as well as shopping, cooking, cleaning, and so on. Even finding a small window of time to fit in their home-based business is not that overwhelming to most women.

Being able to multitask is very useful in network marketing, since you are working with a diverse group of distributors who are all at different levels of expertise.

The third trait I have found highly prevalent in women is dependability. It is as if many women define themselves based on this trait.

I don’t mean to imply that men are not dependable; I just find this trait abundantly in women. If they say they will be at the meeting, help with set-up or do registration at the door, they usually take the job seriously and do it well. No wonder party-plan businesses are flourishing.

Women seem to focus on each distributor, concentrating not just on the finish line but also on the journey getting there. They focus intently on each step, getting it right and appreciating everyone who contributes along the way.

They build leaders who not only become successful but also understand the process of becoming successful, so they can pay it forward and teach their teams.

Part of this process of understanding success is ongoing education, which is why I serve on the faculty of Networking University. Whether you are a man or a woman, take advantage of our diverse course offerings so you can build up your strengths and round out your weaknesses.

Apart from being natural nurturers, skillful multitaskers and highly dependable partners, women are also excellent students when it comes to learning from others’ experience. They truly take to heart Networking University’s credo, education changes everything.

See you in class!

Paula Pritchard
Networking University Faculty Member since 2003