That’s right: live interactive training with some of the best educators in network marketing—at a total cost of zero! Each Networking University Webinar is taught by a different master of his or her field. A simple click of a link will install the software you’ll need to be logged into our NU Webinar conference room. It’s that simple!

Sample Course Descriptions of Upcoming Webinars:

DR. STEVE TAUBMAN: The UnHypnosis Method: Overcoming Mental Barriers to Taking Action (Wednesday, January 19)
In this webinar, Dr. Steve Taubman will guide you through a process that will help you rise above limiting thoughts, beliefs and emotions, and arrive at a place where taking powerful and productive action becomes easy and fun. Dr. Taubman will introduce you to The UnHypnosis Method for success, a process that draws on ancient wisdom principles and cutting edge brain research.

LISA MARIE PLATSKE: 7 Powerful Steps to Leadership Success: Getting Results That Pay Big Dividends (Wednesday, February 2)
In this webinar you will learn seven powerful steps to improve your leadership IQ (your ability to lead big in your business and your life), help you make profitable connections, and maximize your wealth-building capacity. Lisa Marie Platske will share tips, tools and immediately implementable strategies in a step-by-step format that will help you put more money in your pocket without creating a hole in your soul.

SANDY BOTKIN: Why Having a Home-Based Business Makes so Much Dollars and Sense (Wednesday, February 16)
In this course you will learn why having a part-time home-based business is much better tax-wise than getting a second job. Sandy will show you how to legally deduct your entertainment, fun and travel expenses, ways to deduct the equivalent of your kid’s college education and weddings, and how to keep audit-proof records for the IRS. Not only will this course help you reduce your taxes, it will also give you great material for recruiting by increasing your tax knowledge.

DAVE SAUNDERS: Be the Brand Online (Wednesday, February 23)
Savvy marketers know the importance of following trends and going where your market is heading. Today that means you need to engage your audience through the exploding world of online social media. However, if this was as simple as creating an account and sitting back, everyone would already be a master. Learn how to define your own personal brand to stand out and engage an endless list of prospects through social media.

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FREE Live Webinar Schedule

January/February 2011

1/12 W
Keith Cameron Smith

The Top 10 Distinctions between Winners and Whiners

1/19 W
Dr. Steve Taubman
The UnHypnosis Method: Overcoming Mental Barriers to Taking Action
1/26 W
Julie Anne Jones
4 Steps to a Successful Home-Party Business
2/02 W
Lisa Marie Platske

7 Powerful Steps to Leadership Success: Getting Results That Pay Big Dividends

2/09 W
Dale Calvert
Programming Your Mind for MLM Success
2/16 W
Sandy Botkin
Why Having a Home-Based Business Makes so Much Dollars and Sense
2/23 W
Dave Saunders
Be the Brand Online

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