From Me to We
Josephine Gross, Ph.D.
The power of communities is profoundly changing the world of business. In Web 2.0, selling is no longer a top-down affair. It happens in mutuality, through friends chatting with friends, just as it started out centuries ago. For network marketers this shift requires much less of an adjustment than it does for traditional business, since our central principle is already relationship marketing. The caveat is, let’s not market like a corporation.

Standing on the Shoulders of Networking Giants
Art Jonak
Last fall, network marketers from sixty different companies gathered in Houston for the 6th annual generic Mastermind Event. Heeding a sign at the entrance that read “No-Prospecting Zone,” everyone in attendance was there to learn from top leaders and elevate the profession. “Network marketing is breaking down the barriers of race, religion, language and culture,” said Donna Imson in her keynote. Pictures and quotes in this article illustrate her observation.

The Adventure of Network Marketing
Chris Brady
Building a networking business is an adventure in discovery. It will take you into places and situations you might never have imagined. You will come to realize the broad range and deep scope of the differences between people and their mindsets. You will also notice that when it comes to what truly matters, we all share much in common. It is these discoveries that make our profession not only unique, but uniquely interesting and worthwhile. This article presents several coping mechanisms designed to not only help you survive your journey, but also get the most enjoyment and mileage out of it.

Attraction Marketing
Adam Holland
Imagine being able to attract only the kind of people you want to work with into your business. If you’re promoting a health product, how about having health-conscious people asking you how they can buy your products? Or if you’re promoting a travel company, imagine having travel enthusiasts contacting you to get travel discounts. To make this possible, learn how to use Pay Per View to generate qualified leads. Second, create a few videos that show you talking about your business, upload them to YouTube or Viddler and post them on your site. Third, grow your social media empire by effectively branding yourself.

Entering the Hyper-Social Age
François Gossieaux is founder of Human 1.0, a boutique marketing innovation strategy firm that works with many leading brands, helping them come up with innovative approaches to capitalize on what he calls “the anti-fad that social media really is.” With research partner Ed Moran, François launched a project that would become famous as the Tribalization of Business Study, which surveyed and analyzed how more than 500 companies use social media as part of their business processes. The study became the basis for their award-winning book, The Hyper-Social Organization.

The Age of Transparency
Mike Dillard is considered one of the leading authorities on what has become known as “attraction marketing,” and the intersection of Internet marketing with network marketing. More than a million people have subscribed to his Video Boot Camp newsletter, and his Magnetic Sponsoring system is one of the most widely used, studied and discussed models in the business. In this article, Mike comments on how the Internet has changed the business landscape in general, and the challenges and opportunities this shift presents to the network marketing profession.

The Joy of Giving
Sarah Fairless Robbins is the founding distributor and top earner in a young, California-based skin care company. Twenty-eight years old, she has been a professional networker for about four years. Trained as an educator, she started building a business part-time to supplement her income, and after one year was able to retire from her job. With an organization of tens of thousands, she now earns more in a month than she used to make in a year. Used to prospecting, coaching and leading people much older than herself, Sarah never let her young age be a barrier to her credibility and success.

Safety in Numbers
Geoff Liberman has been a full-time network marketer and top earner for over twenty years. Based in Manchester, he has built organizations in the U.K. and Europe as a pioneer in the networking profession. Having been with his current company for thirteen years, Geoff says the secret to his success is that he is just an ordinary guy. When people hear he has made millions, they can’t help but think, “If he can do it, so can I.” Geoff compensates his shy, reserved nature with a methodical, outgoing approach to the business. He believes in what he calls S.I.N.A.L.O.A.: Safety in Numbers and Law of Averages.

Cultivating Independent Leaders
Born and raised in Chennai, India, Mahendra Kumar is a committed family man and team builder who leads a network marketing organization of several hundred thousand across the Middle East and Asia. As a young man, Mahendra had moved to Bahrain, looking for greater prosperity. While he succeeded in raising his income level, his life remained challenging due to the country’s high cost of living. In 2000, when a colleague introduced him to network marketing, Mahendra was ready for a change. Through hard work and focus, he and his wife Chandrika transformed their financial situation within a year.

Next-Generation Networking
Jonathan Budd
Social media sites do not exist for people to spam others with their products or services, or to be used blatantly as free commercials for their businesses. Instead, these sites exist to connect people. The correct way to leverage social media in today’s marketplace is to use it as a networking tool, one with which you can build a huge following of like-minded, targeted and related prospects. The truth is, people do not mind buying; they just don’t want to be sold. You can get a ton of business from contacts who came from Facebook, if you focus primarily on providing value via your fan page and Facebook profile.

Presenting Yourself Online
Jackie Ulmer
On social sites, others judge and evaluate you based on the value you bring to the conversation. Social media is a powerful tool that gives you the ability to connect instantly beyond space and time. It doesn’t replace the physical reality, yet in a way it enhances it. It offers you unlimited potential and possibility. What you do with it is up to you. This article presents five principles to keep in mind as you get started or fine tune your online business plan so you can achieve social media mastery. The first one is, don’t make social media marketing your entire business plan.

Move People Instead of Products
Doug Firebaugh
If you try to move products in social media, you will most likely fail. Instead, focus on moving people—lots of them—on the inside and outside through the four I’s: Inform folks about your message or products; Impact them emotionally with new information they can apply; Invite them to an event offline so you can establish a closer and more trusted relationship; Improve someone’s business, life, health, knowledge, faith, success or income, and he or she will become an evangelist for you and your offerings.

John David Mann
It’s easy to think of the Internet as a big, global computer. More importantly, it’s a big, global telephone. What Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all the rest have done is profoundly accelerated a direction that was already well underway a half-century ago: the ushering in of the Age of, perhaps not Aquarius, but Authenticity. We have become a transparent world. There is no more hiding. Remember what they say about people who live in glass houses? Today that’s everyone. Hold those stones.