When we hear the word “quantum,” most of us think of physics. Yet Do You QuantumThink? is not a book about science; it’s about how the discoveries of science have shaped and continue to shape the way we think.

The premise of this book is that we live in a new time, which requires a new way of thinking. “We live in a quantum age where everything is interconnected and in a state of flux,” says Dianne Collins. “Yet we are still using old thinking based on Newtonian physics, which governs the three-dimensional world where objects exist separate from each other and ourselves. This outdated way of thinking doesn’t allow us to deal effectively with a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world.”

How exactly do we apply quantum principles to our everyday lives, our businesses, our relationships and our institutions? The answer to this question doesn’t lie in learning new ideas; instead we need to generate a new awareness and condition for our experience of life itself.

Do You QuantumThink? presents the laws that govern the quantum universe as they relate to ordinary life. Here are some foundational distinctions:

Observer-Created Reality: Our reality is always being shaped by the way we observe it. Our observations are colored by past experience, beliefs and automatic judgments—or by our consciously generated intents, conceived with awareness and consistent with our authentic desires.

Holistic and Holographic: We live in a holistic and holographic universe of energetic systems interpenetrating one another. We don’t “see” this interconnectedness with our physical senses, but from an expanded worldview, we can become aware of it and live from that reality. We then no longer compartmentalize business and personal, body and mind, spiritual and material. Instead, we live our lives as integrated and coherent wholes.

Being in One Conversation: An important aspect of the new world view is that it’s a relational universe. Communication between people is a multidimensional creation that occurs in a relational field. Consciously participating in one conversation means putting aside judgments and agendas, pausing our internal dialogue and being in the flow directed by conscious intent.

These universal principles have been at the heart of spiritual wisdom for millennia and are now being verified by twenty-first-century science. They will help you access your power to create, understand the workings of your mind and become aware of a more accurate view of reality. Here is Dianne’s promise:

“Learning how to Quantum-Think will get you what you want in life because you are tuned in to the way reality actually works and the part you play in it, rather than continuing to live in the illusion or perhaps oblivion that has plagued our culture.”

If you are looking to challenge and expand your worldview, this book will help you grasp conceptually as well as practice what it means to QuantumThink.

Hardcover, 393 pages, $24.95;
SelectBooks, Inc., 2011.