I have a confession to make: before I discovered what I’m about to share, I couldn’t sponsor a soul to save my life!

How can a shy and once introverted job hopper go from no network marketing business to a full-time income in less than six months?

The answer will surprise you. In this article I will take you down the rabbit hole and show you how to:

Sure, you may have heard of using the Internet to grow your business. But I’m talking about more than just Internet marketing or using social media.

Imagine being able to attract only the kind of people you want to work with into your business. If you’re promoting a health product, how about having health-conscious people asking you how they can buy your products? Or if you’re promoting a travel company, imagine having travel enthusiasts contacting you to get travel discounts. Today this is possible, and here is how.

Pay Per View

There’s a new way to generate visitors to your website. It’s called PPV, which stands for Pay Per View. It works like this:

First, you create a “capture page” or web page designed to collect your visitors’ name and email—or even phone number. (If the concept of a capture page is new to you, simply Google it and you’ll find plenty of examples in all sorts of industries.)

Next, start making a list of websites that your target customer might be likely to visit. Then create an account on a PPV network such as LeadImpact.com, AdOnNetwork.com or DirectCPV.com.

Give the PPV network the list of the websites where your target customers can be found, and also give the address of your site (that’s where the PPV network will send the visitors from the web sites you listed). Now fund your account—you should only pay one to two cents for each visitor who comes to your site. Yes, it’s that cheap!

This completes phase one: you’re now generating qualified leads, meaning exactly the kind of people you want in your business.

The second step will be to show them your offering. After visitors come to your capture page to give you their information, immediately refer them to a page that talks about your business opportunity. I don’t recommend using a company-replicated site. Instead, create a few videos that show you talking about your business, upload them to YouTube or Viddler and post them on your site.

I’ve used this method to attract people into a business that requires a significant initial investment, and I never spoke to these people until after they had already joined my business.

The Magic of Online Video

Using online video allows you to create a relationship with your prospects and business partners without you having to put in the initial “grunt work” of traditional network marketing.

And the crazy thing is, you become a celebrity to your prospects. When they see you on their computer screen and then you call them back to discuss your business, you wouldn’t believe the responses you’ll get.

“Adam? Wow, thank you so much for calling me back! I know you’re busy so I won’t take up much of your time. Can I just ask you a few questions before I get started in your business?”

I’ll take that phone call any day over another no-show at the coffee house!

This completes phase two: rejection free, auto-pilot sponsoring.

Warning: network marketing is still a relationship business! Yes, you can automate recruiting, training, and more. But ultimately you’ve got to build relationships with your team or you’ll just create a revolving-door business. These tactics are powerful, but nothing replaces human interaction, coaching and team-building meetings and events.

Growing Your Social Media Empire

Social networking can be a powerful way to build your brand. “Branding yourself” may sound like a strange concept, but it simply means you define who you are, what you stand for, and what image you want to project. And make no mistake, whether you know it or not, you’re already branding yourself. The question is: are you branding yourself the right way or the wrong way?

Here’s an example:

Bob is on Facebook all day long writing on people’s walls about his business, always doing status updates about the next opportunity meeting and posting pictures of himself consuming his miracle product.

Bob is projecting himself as an uptight salesperson who doesn’t know how to have fun. He will have no success with social media.

Here’s a better example:

Mary posts a video of herself at the park with her family, talks about how she enjoys life and shares a quick motivational quote. Mary tweets about what charity she’s supporting and posts thought-provoking questions on her Facebook profile, asking her friends for their opinion. She posts links to free content that provides value and asks for nothing in return.

Mary is growing a following because her authentic personality is attractive to others. Before she knows it, her brand is going viral.

These simple tips have completely altered my business and my life forever. Go apply them today and share your success with me—on Facebook!

ADAM HOLLAND is a top earner in his
direct selling company. For the past three
years he has been making a living from his
home in upstate New York where he currently
lives with his wife, son and two dogs.