Friday, 1:17 p.m.

The last weekend of October 2010, network marketing and direct sales professionals from twenty-three countries representing sixty different companies gathered in Houston for the 6th annual generic Mastermind Event.

Heeding a sign at the entrance that read “No-Prospecting Zone,” everyone in attendance was there to learn from the top leaders in network marketing, united in their mission to elevate the profession.

The Mastermind faculty included Jordan Adler, Richard Brooke, Ken Dunn, Randy Gage, Donna Imson, Donna Johnson, Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter, Orrin Woodward, and guest Mike Dillard, plus a distinguished women’s panel.

“Network marketing is breaking down the barriers of race, religion, language and culture,” said Donna Imson in her keynote. We couldn’t agree more. For coverage of the event, including reviews from attendees and samples of presentations, check out www.mastermindevent.com.

“I was blown away by the caliber and integrity of the presenters, the collaborative atmosphere and the inspiring stories shared by all. This event is truly the Olympics of the network marketing profession, a must-attend for anyone serious about growing a substantial business.”
— Sonia Stringer, San Diego

“What we saw, experienced and learned is priceless. We set a burning fire inside us and we leave footprints wherever we go, whomever we meet... ”
— Niki & Natasa Zima, Slovenia

“I flew from South Africa to Orlando (for the Mastermind Event)... and left with two and half pages of Action to be Taken.”
— Rob Green, South Africa

“I had no clue on how to do the business. Now I’m back in Brazil, and I have been applying the simple techniques I learned at the Mastermind Event. And only one week after the event, I can already see the results!”
— Fabricio Nobre, Brazil

“Coming from Japan, I was a bit apprehensive to travel alone, but wow, it’s worth it! Armed with the greatest networkers in the world, I felt I’m a new person being polished like a shoe. I went home highly motivated and inspired. I am looking forward for the next Mastermind Event.”
— Josephine Hoshi, Japan

“We came to the Mastermind thinking it was going to be a good seminar, but not expecting at all, what we ended up receiving! The days flew, the content was incredible, and we never once looked at our watch in boredom. We didn’t want the presentations to end. At the Mastermind Event, we found everything we need to take our business to the next level.”
— Jean-Pierre & Régine Desroses, France