Donna Johnson
Unlike most network marketers, I was a late bloomer getting started on social media. I remember in the fall of 2008, Art Jonak kept teasing me, in an endearing way, of course. Art and I meet weekly on a conference call as part of the editorial board of Networking Times.

“Come on, Donna,” he would say. “Get with it, join us on Facebook!”

I have to admit, as a pioneer in our profession who got started before personal computers, cell phones and Skype, I’m a bit old-school. But I do embrace technology when I see the benefits to growing my business, so I finally set up accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

It made sense to me that network marketing and social networking are cousins of the same family. Art gave me some coaching and taught me how to create my profile in a way that would give people a feel for my lifestyle while creating curiosity for my business.

I’m glad I learned from the beginning not to spam my page with “Use my stuff” and “Join my team” posts that would only make people click “Hide” or “Delete.” I made a choice to actively engage with my contacts without becoming obsessed or neglecting my revenue-producing activities. (You won’t see me playing Farmville!)

I see social networking as a tool, and tools form an important component in any successful system designed to assist in duplication. However, tools don’t sell—people do! People want to join your team because they know you, like you and trust you. Today, anyone can learn to build that awareness through social media. Here are some of the benefits I’ve experienced through my two-year journey with social networking.

Posting pictures of my trips and events I’m involved in piques people’s curiosity; often they’ll send me a message to find out more. My two most recent business builders actually found me on Facebook!

I’ve reconnected with old friends and met new people I may not have known otherwise, such as my adult children’s friends. My children are in their twenties and were raised watching me work from home. Their generation is a great market for our profession, and Gen Y will naturally reach out to you on Facebook as they become curious about your lifestyle.

I also use social media to edify and recognize others in my organization, company and profession. For instance, when a leader earns a company car, it’s fun to post congratulations and watch others make comments, which in turn causes new friends to wonder what’s going on.

Finally, Facebook is a great tool for building connections across companies. I love to cheer on colleagues from other companies or post an encouraging message if someone is going through a challenge. By joining hands on social media, we can edify our profession and empower each other to accomplish our goals and create a common vision.

DONNA JOHNSON has been a top earner
and mentor in network marketing for thirty-three years.
She lives in Arizona, Wisconsin and Jamaica, but also
regularly finds time to travel the world and
visit the orphanages she and her team support.