Social media is a communication strategy that allows us to be in contact with each other quickly and frequently. Today, when I have something new and exciting to share, such as how to create financial security in my life, I can spread the word faster than at any other time in history. It’s like kicking an ant hill. (Ever done that?) With social media, I have the power to initiate an instant frenzy in my global community of friends.

The key is to first build that community, to become a true friend (not just a Facebook “friend”) and trusted advisor. By interacting with others via blogs and joining online groups of people with common interests, we can use these new virtual environments to greatly expand our networks. After I’ve created a trusted network through authentic communications in the virtual living room offered by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media, then I can share information that might be mutually beneficial.

Be sure to build trust first and then have a simple, duplicable system in place that produces sustainable results before kicking the ant hill!

Speaking of duplicable systems, why not use social media precisely for creating duplication? One of the best uses I’m seeing is company and product presentations on YouTube. If you post a video of your napkin presentation on YouTube, you don’t need to train your team to do the presentation. They simply send prospects a link to the video, then use social media (or hey, that old fashioned telephone) to continue the conversation.

Many networkers use social media to advertise and attract potential business partners to web sites they creatively built themselves. The problem is, personal web sites often aren’t effective at educating visitors about what’s being offered. And is it duplicable to have team members ten levels below you build their own sites? I want duplication on my team, not creativity! I’d rather see everyone use one team website, webinar or YouTube presentation done with excellence.

If you’re new to social media, be sure to tune in to Network University’s classes so you can learn how to effectively expand your network, build credibility and become a trusted authority for our profession. Then kick that ant hill!

Remember, education changes everything.

See you in class!!

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University