We Are One
Josephine Gross, Ph.D.
Prosperity has to include everyone in order to be sustainable, for we are related and connected, like ecosystems and weather patterns. While it may take another generation of politicians and business leaders to fully embrace this reality, we can all make our contribution by letting go of the old mindsets of us vs. them.

Keeping Score
Orrin Woodward
Only if you keep score and accept responsibility will you do what it takes to change and win. The question is worth asking every time your networking business hits a rough patch: “Do you hate losing enough to change, or do you hate changing enough to lose?” Don’t be just a fan of network marketing. Get out on the field. Start your own success journey. Experience your losses. Learn your own lessons. Grow yourself personally. Keep an eye on the score and be prepared to claim your victory.

Attitude Counts
Art Jonak
Next time you interview a potential international superstar, look for the characteristics that count: a big vision, a burning desire, specific goals and a can-do attitude. You will not be able to solve all the problems your prospect will encounter. She or he needs to understand there will always be reasons why something “won’t work.” That’s okay, as long as we concentrate on making things work in spite of the problems.

Be Proactive
Randy Gage
Bailout plans, real estate bubbles, government debt meltdowns, and lightning-fast changes in technology have made millions of jobs obsolete and changed the economy forever. Could your job be next? And how will all this affect the profession of network marketing? While others are playing it safe, hoping for the economy to bounce back, you must be bold and proactive. Take charge of your own destiny and know that times of change offer the greatest financial opportunities.

Why Leaders Should Celebrate Wins
Brenda Bence
When your team experiences a success, what do you do? Do you ignore these wins, automatically working toward the next goal without acknowledging what has been achieved? In our fast-paced world, it’s all too easy to place immediate focus on the next task at hand and forget to pause and reflect on what has been accomplished. But if you ignore the wins of your team, you miss a vital opportunity not only to inspire them toward even greater successes, but also to strengthen your own personal leadership brand.

Run Your Business by The Book
Dave Anderson
The best guidebook for business may very well be the most well-read book of all time: the Bible. If you own a business, the wealth of wisdom in the Bible’s pages can help you make all kinds of decisions, from recruiting and training the right people to managing your finances. This article offers nine Bible-based principles to live and lead by, including how to overcome your pride, build strong teams and create work-life balance.

Creating Caliber
John David Mann
It’s so easy to sponsor down because it’s non-threatening. Yet to build an organization of caliber, you need to sponsor up. Get out your “chicken list.” Go invite people who are skilled, competent, successful, disciplined, motivated, forceful, ambitious, accomplished. Invite people who are so busy they don’t really have the time, but who know how to create the time—and even more importantly, how to productively use that time.