You know you’ve hit it big when your name becomes a verb—and no one knows this better than Google. In just over ten years, Google has become one of the world’s most valuable brands, generating $6 billion per quarter in revenue.

Since its inception, Google has gained a tremendous amount of speed in gathering, cataloging and searching through massive amounts of data on just about everything there is online. Today, like it or not, there is an undisputed despot in the Internet kingdom that follows the corporate credo, “Don’t be evil.”

Without regard to whether you believe this twenty-first-century Big Brother is benevolent or tyrannical, your success as a marketer depends upon understanding its approach to organizing information and delivering search results to its millions of online users.

Why? Because Google controls arguably 70 percent of all online searches and is the gatekeeper through which your customers will (or won’t) find you online.

Thankfully, in creating his entertaining and educational tour-de-force handbook for this new marketing landscape, author Aaron Goldman has taken it upon himself to help you pierce the opacity Google has engineered into the “transparency” it offers.

Everything I Know About Marketing I Learned from Google approaches the complexities by starting at the beginning, clearly explaining the rules Google deploys in displaying search results, and then showing the reader how this knowledge can lead to increased online marketing success. Gradually building up to Google’s more advanced tactics and their implications, Goldman delivers twenty powerful lessons every marketer can learn from, including:

The book ramps up the value through the use of links to additional useful information online, sprinkled liberally throughout. This well-thought-out complement to the book capably bridges the print and Internet gap to further the reader’s enjoyment and insights with examples and interactive discussions.

Goldman’s brilliant and unique idea to use Google’s expertise as a filter to explain just about every area of marketing, from advertising, branding and PR to product development, promotions, social media, SEM/SEO, web development and word–of-mouth in all formats (including digital, television, print, radio and mobile), ought to be required reading.

Insightful, instructive, inspired and often irreverent, this remarkable guidebook will enable marketers at every level to harvest a greater yield and optimize their marketing efforts across all media formats.

Hardcover, 342 pages, $26.95;
McGraw-Hill, 2010.
Also available in e-book.