“There seem to be two kinds of people in life,” says Brian Klemmer. “The first ones are nice, good-hearted and compassionate but can’t make much happen; the other kind can make anything happen—they’re the go-getters, the aggressive producers in society—however they’re often self-centered, greedy and unethical.”

Yet, we can also find examples of individuals throughout history, in all cultures and from all walks of life, who have gone beyond this duality and proven that one can live a life of service and succeed in a big way. Some names Brian mentions in his book include Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela and Oprah Winfrey.

“It’s possible for you, too,” says Brian, and The Compassionate Samurai provides a roadmap for anyone to produce extraordinary results in a dog-eat-dog world, all the while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

The term samurai refers to members of a Japanese warrior caste that rose to power in the 12th century and dominated the government until the mid-19th century. These warriors lived according to a strict code of values that emphasized bravery, honor and personal loyalty. The word samurai actually means “to serve,” and Brian has coined the term compassionate samurai to refer to someone with strong values who can accomplish anything he or she chooses, yet whose whole life is about service.

The chapters in this book cover ten codes that a compassionate samurai lives by: commitment, personal responsibility, contribution, focus, honesty, honor, trust, abundance, boldness and knowledge.

Brian says that all ten codes are character traits that, if integrated into your life, give you the potential for exponential growth. As he points out in his previous book, If How-To’s Were Enough, We’d All Be Skinny, Rich and Happy, how-to’s lead only to incremental change. “Much greater, lasting shifts occur when you actually change your character,” says Brian. “For example, in your business, you can make an incremental increase from one year to the next by learning better skills and working harder. But by incorporating these ten character traits into your life, you’ll create the opportunity for exponential, long-lasting transformation by leveraging good how-to’s.”

A Wall Street Journal #1 business bestseller, this book will teach you how to be a leader with heart: powerful and kind, wealthy and giving, a warrior in the marketplace as well as a strong-willed, compassionate friend to many. If you’ve ever felt you had to choose between demonstrating compassion toward others or winning a big battle in life, this book will show how to strategically combine the two.

The balance of being a warrior and showing compassion is perhaps the most perfect union, combining the enjoyment of outward success with a feeling of integrity and peace. No matter what area you desire to succeed in, you can use this book as a working guide to help you embrace the concept of winning by helping others win in life.

Hardcover, 245 pages, $24.95;
Hay House, Inc., 2008